Why you need a Palram Greenhouse for your home garden?

Adding a greenhouse to your garden is a perfect idea. Growing your own crops, flowers and plants is a rewarding experience. In addition, you will be saving money that would have been spent on grocery. You will also be living healthier. This palram hybrid greenhouse- six by eight inches is ideal for home gardeners to match your growing needs utilizing even the smallest spaces in your garden. I have been checking for a palram greenhouse review, and I like these greenhouses.

Best Palram Greenhouse Review

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse – 6′ x 8′ – Silver

Why choose the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse for the Palram Greenhouse Review:

They have incorporated the latest technology.

Plant Hangers Included are made of polypropylene and come in a pack of 10. They can be used to support the hanging baskets and vine crops. Alternatively, they can be used to set up the shade cloth to the inside of a greenhouse

The roof panels are made of polycarbonate that are 4mm twin-wall making them virtually unbreakable. They can block up to 99.9% of the UV rays. These panels also ensure the risk of plant burn and shade areas is eliminated by diffusing the sun light. This helps greatly with the plant growth.

Provision of ninety percent light transmission by the polycarbonate side panels that are crystal clear.

Long lasting aluminium frame with 48 sq. feet of growing space.

Comes with adjustable roof vent, plant hangers, lockable door handle, rain gutters and galvanised base that is essential for structural support. The door handle has a magnetic door catch. The rain gutters transmit water for sustainable irrigation. The roof vent helps in moderating air flow and temperature maximising the optimal requirements for growing conditions.

When installing the greenhouse, you might consider using a woo deck to anchor it.

Its very simple to assemble this particular greenhouse. You just need to observe the illustrations carefully. They are detailed and easy to understand.

The twin-wall polycarbonate is durable, able to diffuse light and retain heat as well.


Greenhouse Dimensions

There are other dimensions of these greenhouses-

  • six by four by seven
  • six by six by seven
  • six by eight by seven
  • six by ten by seven
  • six by fourteen by seven

palram greenhouse kits are easy to find should you wish to replace any.

polycarbonate greenhouse

Polycarbonate is becoming more popular as a covering material for the greenhouse. Seems like more people are shying away from glass. The polycarbonate sheets cannot be easily destroyed as would glass when rocks and hail strike them. The polycarbonate sheets being made nowadays are easily visible and have better clarity. The ability to diffuse light is another factor that I find amazing from the polycarbonate greenhouse.

Lean to greenhouse

What do you do if you have a limited space? The lean to greenhouse utilizes the wall which is also used as a heat sink. During the day, it absorbs heat which releases it during the night to help maintain the required temperature levels.

They come in different heights and dimensions. If you’ll be attaching to a low wall, you can choose the smaller lean to greenhouse.

You can decide to use salvaged materials or buy ready-made kit.

They add an architectural feature to your home. Good as you will be farming so close to your home.

what if you want to make your own greenhouse, what are some of the considerations that you need to take into account

do you wish for an attached or freestanding greenhouse.  The dimensions of your greenhouse is another factor. The type of roof you need.

The materials for framing and glazing. You might use metal or wood. For smaller greenhouses wood is the perfect material; its cheaper and easy to use. However, wood requires a lot of maintenance. For the glazing, you might use polycarbonate panels which can last long.

Why do I need a greenhouse?

You have the ability to diversify the crops that you are planting. Harder crops that need to be planted outside can be nurtured before then in the greenhouse.

You will plant vegetables that are not found in your area. As we know, a greenhouse maintains the optimal conditions needed for the maximum growth of plants. The plants will be protected from extreme heat and cold, as well as pests.


One tips though- open the door during the day for the warmer months to maintain the temperature needed by a particular crop

Ensure your greenhouse is well ventilated and there is free flow of air. You will easily get the palram greenhouse kit if need be.

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