Using Sunjoy gazebo to bring your outdoor space to life

If you are looking for the easiest, quick and budget-friendly way to makeover your backyard, try putting up a gazebo. This gazebo can be used to provide shade to your pool area, backyard and patio.  The best way to bring your outdoor space to life is adding a sunjoy gazebo. One of the best ways to do that is getting the Sunjoy 10′ X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo. There are so many reasons that make me love this outdoor addition.

Around your pool area, you might consider adding a sunjoy gazebo to cool off during the afternoon when the heat is too much.

Best Sunjoy gazebo

Sunjoy 10′ X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo

Why choose a sunjoy gazebo?

Features of the Sunjoy 10′ X 10′ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo

Easy to assemble- manual provided with detailed instructions needed during the assembling. Should you need to disassemble, the process is as well very simple. You might need a friend and a stepping stool to help with the set up.

Can withstand winds as it has two-tiered ventilated top

Made from durable material making it strong- steel finished with powder coating. The material is also rust and chip-resistant.

You can spend time on the gazebo with your friends and families- provides more than enough of cool shade.

You will never worry about harmful UV rays with this gazebo. It comes with a vented soft-top canopy that ensured unmatched stability during the windy conditions.

Measures 120.1 by 120.1 by 119.3 inches

Weighs 129 pounds

You will never spend much time cleaning as it easy to clean and maintain, and 100% polyester. The black frame together with the eye-catching top makes this a great addition to your outdoor space.

Provides a lot of space needed by you and your friends as you enjoy sometime outdoors- 10’ by 10’. Once set up, the gazebo should last for seasons.


When to use a Sunjoy gazebo

Which are the most instances that need a gazebo- weddings and receptions, outdoor dining, playroom, hot tubs, outdoor living and entertaining.

It would be advisable to install your gazebo on concrete or wood, meaning the structure can be placed on an existing foundation.

Materials making the gazebo

Most common material used is the wood, metal and the vinyl. When choosing the material, consider the intended use, function and your preferred design.

Wood gazebos

If you want to bring that traditional look to your outdoor space, then you can go for the wood gazebos. Mostly used wood include- pine, redwood, cedar and bamboo for more exotic alternatives. These gazebos do require a lot of maintenance as the wood is prone to break, rot or chip away if not attended. Wood weakens over time inconsiderate of the location.

Vinyl gazebos

Relatively expensive and comes with few options for appearances and colors as well- and not as appealing as the wood types.

Also, they need no maintenance. They are more durable. They are the most common.

Metal gazebos

Steel ones are common. They are subject to rust. Aluminum is another option.


Factors to consider when getting a Sunjoy Gazebo


The shape of your gazebo will depend on the space available, tastes and preferences and the intended use. For instance, for a hot tub, you might consider getting a square or rectangular gazebo. Alternatively, you might go for the traditional shape like an octagon.


The size of the gazebo depends on the intended use. If you want to entertain people on your gazebo, get a bigger size.


Common types of roofing for the gazebos:

  • Bell roof
  • Cupola
  • Standard
  • Principal roof
  • Pagoda roof and Cupola


A gazebo could provide the perfect place to play with your kids, bond with your spouse or just relaxing while watching your garden or yard.

Railings and flooring

Railings and flooring are other factors that you might consider when you want to get a new gazebo.


Other factors that determine the durability of your gazebo include the following;

Thickness of metal

Thicker bars will hold on when pressure is applied. It should be noted that these bars become weak when bent n and might break off at nay time.


The most gazebos use nylon or plastic joints in the roof. Metal joints, which last longer than the nylon and plastic joints, extends the lifetime of a gazebo.

Type of metal

Steel gazebos are prone to rust in wet conditions- weakening the frame over time.


These ae addons that are used to strengthen the bars. They can be reinforced in the lower legs or the roof bars to prevent them from bending should pressure be applied at the joints.


Consider getting a sunjoy grill gazebo for your backyard. Let us know what you think regarding our choice for the sunjoy gazebo for your outdoor space in the comments section below.

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