Best telescoping ladder for your money

Even in the construction industry, there at times when the construction guys don’t prefer using the step ladder or the extension ladders. So where do they turn to? There is another common type of ladder known as telescoping ladders. How do you make sure you the best telescoping ladder for your money? Consider several factors before making the purchase. Which is the best telescoping ladder that you can use at home?

My pick for the best telescoping ladder would be Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot

Best telescoping ladder for your money

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Why choose the Xtend and Climb ladder as the best telescoping ladder?

• Comes in several colors- blue, green, red and gray/ yellow
• Extends and locks by the foot
• The telescopes of the ladder retracts compactly
• The ladder weighs 36 pounds
• Measures 3.8 x 19.8 x 36.5 inches
• The ladder is carefully designed and is can either be used for industrial or home do it yourself activities.
• The ladder folds to 36 ½ inch in height meaning it can be stored virtually anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are storing it in your garage or transporting it in your truck. It doesn’t occupy much space. In case you are carrying the ladder, you will have no problem holding it; its fitted with a handle for portability; which makes the reason for being the best telescoping ladder.

Additional features:

A carry case that is sold separately if you wish to have more convenience when transporting the ladder.

The Xtend and Climb telescopic ladder is well strengthened using the airplane grade aluminum. It has a maximum height of 15.5’. the ladder is fitted with rungs that ensures steady footing.

It is so easy to carry and transport the ladder as it has a clean touch anodized finish.

This is one of the ladders in the market that can withstand even the toughest jobs. It can adjust to any desired height depending on the job requirement.

The ladder is one of the safest and easiest to operate. Each ladder is fitted with a no-Pinch closure system plus red and green indicators that show when the rungs are locked into place meaning the ladder is safe to climb.

In addition, the ladder features non-slip end caps that keeps it firmly in place while being used.

Before using the ladder

• Check the instructions that come with the ladder and make sure that you understand.
• Check to ensure all the locking mechanisms are engaged before using the ladder.
• If you don’t trust the ladder concerning the safety features, don’t use it. That way you might avoid some accidents.

Safety measures when using the ladder

• Don’t mess with the locking levers while the ladder is in use
• The ladder should rest on clean flooring.
• Keep the ladder on the ground; do not try to place a box, table or an object under the ladder while trying to gain some extra height.

Maintaining your ladder

Even by having the best telescoping ladder, you need to take care of your ladder. Here’s some tips;
• Keep checking your ladder to ensure the safety measures remain intact. The ladder will therefore continue performing effectively even after a long period of time.
• Store the ladders in dry conditions at the room temperature. The reason behind this is that damp conditions will affect the longevity of this particular ladder and might affect the long term usage of the ladder.
• Clean your ladder by wiping the tubes with a dry and clean cloth after using it.
• Should the tubes get dented or damaged, it might be difficult to open the ladder, making the ladder unsafe to use. Alternatively, the ladder might get completely malfunctioned.
• Understand the type of your extension ladder. There is a specific ladder that can be used in four different ways- as a stairway ladder, two fold scaffold ladder, step ladder or an extension ladder.
• Check the maximum height of your ladder.

Why should you be using a telescopic ladder

First these ladders are very easy to operate, carry and are very convenient. These ladders use a patented technology. The technology helps the ladder to extend and lock by the foot up to a desired height.

The ladder can be stored anywhere in your home. Apart from storing the ladder in the garage, smaller one can be folded and stored in your closet if I may say.

It is very easy to transport the ladder. The fact that it can collapse to a small ladder, you can place it in the boot of even the smaller cars.

The fact that the ladder can adjust to any desired height is so amazing. This makes it so easy to change the light bulbs, cleaning the gutters and repainting a stairwell. Extend the ladder and lock by the foot before using the ladder.

The ladders are very easy to use. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer should you get stuck anywhere.

You can do almost everything that you need to do using a ladder. Also, the commercial ladders are well built to withstand the tough environment exposed.

The ladders are easy to move around. Some ladders are lightweight combining that with their compact size; it becomes so easy to walk round with the ladders either at your home or at the construction site.

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