Best electric patio heater for your home

A patio heater is a radiant heating appliance used for generating thermal radiation for either outdoor or indoor use. Patio heaters have become very common and especially in restaurants and bars for their customers sitting outdoors.  There are several patio heaters that you might consider buying for you home. Advancements in technology have made these heaters to bring a new revolution in the outdoor heating. Patio, being an extension of your home, is a place for socializing and relaxation. I understand that you need to make the time spent outdoors cosy and comfortable without minding the current temperature, environment or the season. One way to ensure you achieve this is by having a proper heating system- using an electric patio heater could be a solution. However, how do you ensure you get the best electric patio heater?

My pick for the best electric patio heater would be the fire sense telescoping infrared indoor/outdoor heater with offset pole, stainless steel.

Best electric patio heater for your home

Fire sense telescoping infrared indoor/outdoor heater with offset pole

Features of the Fire Sense Telescoping Heater

Uses a 1500-watt infrared heat source

The offset pole has a glass cover

The heat cannot be affected by wind and casts approximately 9-foot radius.

Comes with a weatherproof aluminium extruded body.

Comes with an on and off toggle switch.

Has a tip over protection system.

Measures 33 by 22 by 87 inches

Weighs 55 pounds meaning the device is well optimised for stability

Why choose the fire sense telescoping infrared indoor/outdoor heater as the best electric patio heater for your home?

Operation costs are relatively cheaper as compared to propane heaters with 5000- hour lamp life.

Silver and black colours; the black offset pole patio heater has a powder coated steel construction while the stainless steel offset pole patio heater utilises stainless steel construction.

Now that the heater comes with wheels, its very easy to move around. It can be used for either indoors and outdoors purposes. They operate on the regular household electric current.

The heating efficiency of this patio heater is relatively high standing at ninety percent meaning there is 90 percent energy conversion. The heater can produce the maximum heat production within seconds.

Comes with a 12 feet non-retractable electrical cord.

Even though the propane patio heaters might be warmer, I am a big fan of the infrared electric patio heater. Carrying the heavy canisters of the propane gas doesn’t seem appealing to me and I think you too.

The fact that the pole provides warmth for around 9 feet of radius is enough for almost every use. If you are entertaining your friends outside on the sofa, or on the dining table or a card table. The heat spreads evenly.

Having a telescoping pole is another fantastic feature as compared to the non-adjustable pole. You can easily adjust the height of the pole to your desired height. The heating element can be shifted at different angles so great for serving everyone’s preferences.

Assembling the patio heater should be very easy and take the shortest time possible. The instructions are so clear and simplified.

During off season, it would be nice to cover the heater.

The only con using this heater is one. Some of the holes are not drilled for easy fit and therefore it would be quite a task trying to get the screws to fit. In addition, the product is relatively heavy.

The price is quite reasonable for this type of heater.


Types of patio heaters

Having discussed about the electric patio heaters, there are other types of patio heaters including:

Tabletop patio heater which is ideal for outdoor dining. Tabletop patio heaters use a small propane tank while others are electric. Most appropriate for a small setting as they cover less area. For instance, it can be used for conversations between family members or guests. They create enough floor space area making you to have more room and space.

Wall mounted patio heater which is mounted to a wall for safe operation. They do not occupy space so ideal for squeezed rooms.

Hanging patio heater which is portable and small. However, they come in electric only.

Free standing patio heaters. Ideal for people seeking to cover a wider area with warmth. Can be fuelled by either electricity, propane or natural gas. The free standing lamp is made up of the base, pole, reflector and the heat source.


Types of fuels for patio heaters

Having preferred to use an electric patio heater, what other types of fuels can be used on these patio heaters:

Propane gas patio heaters

The tanks need to be refilled once they are depleted. One thing I dislike about the propane gas patio heaters is that each heater needs a separate tank meaning it could be very costly to maintain as compared to either natural gas or electric patio heaters.

Natural gas patio heaters

Mostly used by homes outfitted with the natural gas. They are less portable as compared to propane.


Should you have different thoughts regarding our choice for the best electric patio heater, let us know through the comments section.

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