Modern Outdoor Daybed from Modway furniture

If you are looking for a modern outdoor daybed, then the Modway Taiji Outdoor Patio Daybed in Espresso should be your solution. A daybed can be used to spend some time reading your favorite book and magazine, taking an afternoon nap or cuddling with your sweetheart.

My choice for Modern Outdoor Daybed

Modway Taiji Outdoor Patio Daybed in Espresso

Reasons for picking this modern outdoor daybed from Modway Furniture

The set includes one daybed, one ottoman and seven throw pillows.

The set dimensions are 71’ l by 51’ w by 29’ h

The ottoman measures 59’ l by 28’ w by 10’ h

The cushion covers are UV and water resistant and can be washed with machine.

You will not waste time assembling as this set is shipped pre-assembled.

It’s made aluminium frame that is powder coated and all weather synthetic rattan weave.

How to use a modern outdoor daybed

You might be wondering some of the ways you can use your outdoor daybed. Well, here are some of the things that you can do in an outdoor daybed

Sleeping or taking an afternoon nap. Spending some time sleeping outside could be a good way of passing time. This is deemed to be very relaxing.

Playing games. You might want to consider plying games with your friends outdoors. If you want to play card games with your friends. Alternatively, you can play games like Suck It Up, Tell A Joke with the members of your family.

Reading. Take your favorite book or magazine and rad it while stretching on the outdoor daybed. You might find yourself covering more pages than you would have while indoors.

Cuddling under the stars. If you need to spend private and erotic time with your spouse, try cuddling under the stars. This will help the two of you to bond and spend some quality time together.

Sleeping outside. You might try sleeping outside on an outdoor daybed if you want to try such an experience of sleeping out.

Watch movies. If you have backyard movie theater, you can use these outdoor daybeds to accommodate you, your friends or the family members.

Hosting a party. For outdoor dining, you can use the outdoor daybed to host the invited guests.

Watch the sunset or sunrise. Bored or all alone in the morning or at the evening? Spend some time watching the sunset or sunrise. The amazing and breath-taking sights might lift your moods.

Work. You have some freelance jobs that you want to complete outdoors? Get to the outdoor daybed, it would be a perfect spot for the task.

Enjoy your breakfast. Take your coffee on the daybed in the morning as you enjoy the view of your garden, patio or backyard.

Creating an outdoor sleeping area

We have seen that you can create an outdoor sleeping area with the outdoor daybed. Other options that you can use for your outdoor sleeping area include:

Hammocks. You might choose either the tree hammocks or the portable hammocks with stand. To avoid hurting the trees, you might use padded, tree hugging straps or a permanent hook, hammock stand or solid posts. Should you need to use the hammock indoors, make sure you support the hammock properly. When hanging the hammock, check for the correct height n hanging distance, hanging method and choose a location that you find appropriate.

Hanging beds. Hanging beds can be suspended in the porch or in your backyard. They provide a perfect sleeping spot out of your cosy bed.

Murphy bed. Also known as fold-down bed, wall bed or pull down bed. The bed is hinged at one end to store vertically inside a cabinet or closet or against the wall.

Double chaise lounge. You might want to consider the outdoor double chaise lounge with canopy. You might place it around your pool area.

Reclining chaise lounges. Just like the double chaise lounge, a reclining chaise lounge would be another option.

Floor cushions. Even though these floor cushions are mostly used for the interior, they can too be used to bring life to the outdoor space.

Others include the Old bed frame, Freestanding off-the-ground beds and the Round Patio beds with umbrellas or canopies.


To ensure you enjoy your time outdoors, make sure the outdoor daybed mattress is comfortable enough. A waterproof outdoor mattress could really help you to keep on buying the mattresses every now and then.

Some of the outdoor furniture can be used indoors for several reasons. For instance, you might have to move out of your home and get to a new place where outdoor space is not available, what do you do?

You might consider using them indoors instead of selling the furniture yet.


Apart from this outdoor patio bed, you might consider checking out a modway chair as well. A modway office chair is such example.

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