Why You Shouldn’t Use Toilet Paper Cover in A Public Toilet

There’s no worse situation to find yourself in than in desperately need to use the bathroom, but the only close one is a public toilet. Most people consider public restrooms to be unhygienic, and they tend to avoid them or use them with extreme caution. Due to the gross nature of the public toilets, people tend to either hover over the toilet or use toilet cover. Toilet covers can be the disposable toilet covers, and some people use the toilet paper cover. Using toilet paper found in the public restroom could not be the best option as the cover is not hygienic at all.

You can’t hold it in and risk peeing on yourself if there is enough toilet paper to cover the seat and you sit and do your thing. This might seem to be the only logical choice in the bathroom, but it turns out not to be the best option. You might think you are shielding your skin from coming into contact with toilet germs when you pile toilet paper onto the seat but you might actually be doing the opposite. What you are doing is welcoming germs into your body without knowing.

The toilet seat is one of the rare places where germs and harmful bacteria can land and survive let alone multiply. The toilet seat is designed to be smooth and shiny, and this is not a place where bacteria and germs can survive since there is no breeding place. However, the toilet paper cover in the public bathroom that you are piling on the seat is the breeding ground for these germs and bacteria.

The person who last cut the toilet paper had not washed their hands while doing that. If the person had germs on their hands, a part of the toilet paper would still have the bacteria.

Germs are known to stick to light and moist thin paper. When the person before you flush the toilet without closing the lid, germs spring out of the bowl to the air, and the best place they can settle is on the toilet paper. The same you are using as toilet paper cover.

It’s actually easier to get germs from the toilet paper as compared to getting the same from the toilet seat. If you happen to enter a public toilet and the toilet seat is clean, don’t pile toilet paper on it and sit. Just use the bathroom like it is and avoid hovering if you can.

You can, however, use the toilet paper in the bathroom to wipe the toilet seat if its wet but make sure you rub till it dries off. The public toilet might not be as gross as they are perceived and it’s hard to get a dreadful disease from sitting on a public toilet.

There are clean and hygienic public toilets that protect their toilet paper with metal or plastic toilet paper cover. If you happen to come across this one, you are lucky because the paper is sheltered from germs.

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