Why Use LED Canopy Lights fixtures?

Are you looking to add light and style to your home? There are many ways you can add light on your property. The LED Canopy Light is one of them. Led canopy lights can be mounted above or below the canopy deck in commercial applications including warehouses, parking, sports centers and gas stations. Also, install them in driveways and other places that you think they would fit. Why use LED canopy light fixtures?

The reasons why you need to use LED canopy lights include reducing energy consumption and having an ideal alternative to HID lighting. The reasons why people prefer LED canopy light are as follows:

Long lifespan lights

The longest span of a Led Canopy Light Is 50,000 hours. With this lifespan, these lights are ideal for use in commercial places where you don’t want to change lights quite often.

Energy saving

The LED canopy lights consume about 50% less energy than fluorescent canopy lights and about 75% less energy than metal halide. When you add smart control options, the energy consumed is reduced to about 90%, when compared to traditional lighting. This reduction is immediately noticed in your bills.

Environmental friendly

The nature of LED canopy lights makes sure the lights do not emit dangerous PCBs, making them the best environmental friendly lights. These lights don’t produce any other harmful chemical, and they are made using mercury like other traditional lighting solution. The people using it can rest knowing that the lighting is safe for their use.

Cuts down expenditure

Aside from reducing the electricity bills, the LED canopy lights also help when it comes to cutting replacement cost. The lights lifespan is 50,000 years. Also, the maintenance cost is cheaper due to the lights long span.

How to install and maintain the lights

Knowing how to install the led canopy fixtures will not only make them look good, but it will also help when it comes to maintenance. In both cases, people get confused on what to do next. The first thing you should consider is hiring a professional to help you out. You can also add canopy lights yourself, here are the tips for maintenance and installation

  • Arrange all parts and tools needed before the installation process begins. Everything should be within reach of the area you are installing the lights.
  • Purchase the right type and make sure you have a warranty card. The warranty card will help you out when you need any replacement done, or if anything happens it the warranty period.
  • Switch off the power supply during installations.
  • Try and keep the light away from corrosive areas that may hinder the product longevity.
  • Used appropriate voltage as stated on the pack
  • Wipe the lamps on a regular basis to receive 100% light, but avoid using chemical solvents when wiping.

Choosing and using LED canopy lights are desired by most people. However, knowing how to apply and maintaining it is another thing all together. Let’s hope the tips above will help you decide the best-LED canopy lights to use and how to maintain them.


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