What is the best time to buy a lawn mower?

There are could be two reasons as to why you need to buy a lawn mower. One could be that you need to replace your existing lawn mower or that you are buying one for the first time. In either case, one must be prepared to spend a significant amount of cash. Do not worry since you can as well save significantly should you identify the best time to buy a lawn mower.

When the demand for the lawn mowers is low, the prices also go down. So, the idea is to identify the time when the demand is low. During this time, the buyer can get a high-quality mower model at a cheaper price.

Let’s have a look at the best time to buy a lawn mower:


Its important to note that the demand for mowers will be at the highest during the late spring and during early summer. This may sound awkward, but June might not be the best time to go shopping for one. There is a small window in mid-June when there are retailers who have great deals and it could be the best time to get one. One of the best times to check is on the week preceding Father’s Day. You will find offers, exclusive deals and discounts. If you are looking for the best gift for your dad, this is a great time to get one at a cheaper price.

Late August

This is the time when most retailers will be clearing the stock to make room for the new stock. In this case, the most probable thing that they would do is to offer discounts and offers to clear the stock. If you go shopping during this time, you can be assured of getting a lawn mower at a cheaper price.


If you could ask anyone, they would tell you that during the Fall is the best time to buy a lawn mower. During this period, you will find amazing discounts on the lawn mowers. As this period is close to Christmas, the retailers will be aiming to create space for other items for the Christmas season. Another reason that they would like to sell their mowers is to clear the inventory as they wait for new models for the new mowing season.

Alternative Options:

Since we are looking at ways that you can save on your lets look at other options that you could consider:

Get a second-hand mower.

One can save a lot of cash by purchasing a used mower instead of shopping for a new one. Make sure you get the best one that’s in great shape. One of the quickest ways to check this is by checking the maintenance record. Alternatively, you can buy from a dealer that offers some warranty.

Shop around

By shopping and comparing the prices, you will be able to see the different prices for the same model by different retailers. There is no need to buy a model at a higher price, yet you could have gotten the same product for cheap elsewhere.

Check for discounted models

There are new models coming up each year. What this means is that the old models will be sold at a discount. The new models could have minor updates on the previous models and doesn’t mean that you should do away with the older models.

Why should I get a lawn mower?

If you have a large garden, you can get a riding lawn mower. They are more expensive than the push lawn mowers and can cover a large area within a short time.

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