Ways to Amp Up Your Outdoor Space with Patio Umbrella Lights

If you are not using patio umbrella lights in your outdoor space, then you are missing out big time. Patio umbrella lights are one of the least expensive, easiest and quickies ways to decorate and up your outdoor space in a blink of an eye. There are many ways you can use these lights, but the common one is adding them to your outdoor umbrella. However, before you start planning on adding them anywhere on your patio, here are some ideas on where you can incorporate umbrella patio lights in your outdoor space.

Add them to the Patio umbrella

Adding them to Patio umbrella is the correct use of the patio umbrella lights. Though there is no need of an umbrella at night or in the evening, you certainly need to add twinkly lights to up the space around you. Add these lights to the umbrella perimeter or inside the umbrella by following the lines.

On the balcony

Hang the patio umbrella lights along the balcony walls or around the ceiling. When it comes to light, they add ambiance and enhance the mood of your living space. By adding lights to your balcony, they create a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Across the patio

Hanging lights across the patio are the most common way people use potion lights. This method is mostly used by those who want to make a statement. To succeed, use anchor points like rooftops, fence or strategically add a post to attach these lights. Consider patterning them in a zigzag pattern for a different view.

Around the tree

If you have limited space and you don’t have anywhere you can add a patio umbrella. Wrapping them or hanging them around a tree is another great way is bringing some string-light loveliness outside. To keep things simple, wrap them around a tree. But you can also wrap two, three or all the trees, depending on your taste and the ambiance you want to create.

Make an artwork

Did you know that you can use patio umbrella lights to create beautiful artwork in your outdoor space? Start by grouping the light and hanging them in one spot. This way you will create a mini art. Also, you can create any pattern of your choice or line them in a row or rows for an incredible visual impact. Get super creative by using the lights to spell out someone’s name or message on the wall.

Create a chandelier

Don’t be afraid of showing your creativity when using a patio umbrella lights. Try hanging the lights from a tree, a gazebo or an awning in straight lines. This way you will create a chandelier look. Consider hanging each light at varying heights will create a more dramatic look and feel.

There are many other ways of using the patio umbrella lights. The only thing you need to do is using your creativity and purchasing as the lights. Hang them around the second-story windows to create a great look. In any case, when adding the lights consider your safety and the safety of others.

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