Using toilet paper storage tower

Arranging items in a bathroom might be challenging especially in small spaces that accommodate many things. Fortunately, various storage stands exist as the perfect organizers suitable for your bathroom. One of them being the toilet paper storage tower. If you’ve been looking for creative ways for toilet paper storage, here are some of the best home-based appliances to look for:

Wire plant storage stand

This item provides storage space for tissues and towels. Its design allows you to place shampoo, beauty products, and other small bathroom items that are frequently used. Although many wire stands come with several support legs, others can be hooked on the walls to create space.

Tin toilet paper holder

The Toilet Paper Storage Tower can be placed beside the toilet and covered with a floral or plain fabric. Your guests will become distracted by the art of the material rather than the presence of a tissue tower in your bathroom.

Wooden toilet paper storage cabinet

It is among the most popular custom-made bathroom furnishing in the market. Apart from matching any décor, the wooden toilet paper holder is resistant to steam and dampness. It cannot be easily broken or lose its glamour overtime. Nevertheless, the product adds more flair despite the type of wood chosen.

Recycle your CD rack

Advance in technology has rendered many gadgets useless but if you happen to own a CD rack, consider turning it into a toilet paper holder. Working with a tight budget may hinder you from buying a bathroom holder. However, creative measures such as recycling CD stands may provide you with a suitable toilet paper storage tower. Do not let some of your technical gadgets go to waste since most might come in handy.

Metal Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Modern innovation has led to the invention of reliable and fashionable tissue holders. The mounted metal storage comes with many sizeable holes to hold toilet papers. Apart from having enough rolls within reach, the metallic holder gives your bathroom a dashing appearance.

Oatmeal canisters

Like the CD rack, recycling useful storage items can save you money. For instance, oatmeal canisters possess the perfect design for storing few toilet papers and preventing them from dust. Their shiny exterior blends in with most bathroom decors including the metallic fittings within. Avoid throwing away similar items as they can saves the day.

Wire baskets attached to a ladder

You can acquire more storage space with a wire basket ladder that has room for towels, magazines, tissue paper, shampoo, and other bathroom accessories. Its presence brings not only luxury but also an exotic look without compromising your décor. You can choose to place a single brand of tissue papers or form a toilet paper storage tower with a basket ladder.

The bottom line is that you are not limited to few ideas regarding bathroom organization. Instead, look for various ways to decongest your spaces either by recycling useful items or mounting beautiful designs on the wall. Furthermore, many home stores possess a wide range of storage stands to use. Most tissue holders come in different shapes, compartments, sizes, and stacking spaces.



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