Using Disposable toilet seat covers the right way

Most people squat in the toilet not for the reason that they have steel quads but because they understand germs are covering that toilet all over. Other people just sit down there in their nude because they don’t dread germs like sensible people do or just because they don’t care. These are the people who never had an infection from a toilet, so they trust the bathroom is clean. Why would someone assume that a toilet doesn’t have germs? This is common sense! Anyway, if using a toilet becomes a problem because of bacteria, most people use disposable toilet seat covers. They are going to prevent germs from coming into contact with your skin reducing chances of infection.

Most people struggle with using toilet papers to cover the toilet, but it’s a hassle. You have to carefully tear the toilet paper, angle it correctly to cover all the bent angles of the toilet and then place the lengths accurately to cover every inch of the toilet. This can get tedious, and if you are in a hurry, this will consume your desirable time. This is another reason why using disposable toilet seat covers is highly encouraged.

You can be using the toilet cover, but you are using it the wrong way too. Most people even those who use them don’t know there’s a right way of using them. Here are some of the common mistakes people do when using disposable toilet seat covers:

  • Putting the toilet cover on backward with the flap hanging from the back instead of the front. The toilet cover doesn’t even look right that way, and yet some people do it and leave it like that.
  • Tearing the middle flap of the paper and discarding it. Most people do this like the toilet cover is a sherbet cup. The flap is supposed to be left hanging.
  • Not poking the paper flap to leave it dangling in the water. The whole point of having this middle paper flap is so that it rests in water. When you finish doing your business, just flush and it drags the entire toilet-seat cover into the drain. You don’t have to come into contact with it minimizing your contact with germs.

Toilets are typically perceived to be gross so if you need peace of mind when using the toilet, get a disposable toilet seat cover. Also, figure out how to properly use it. If you are using the toilet seat cover wrongly, chances are it’s not protecting you from any germs. You might also need to touch the cover when you finish your business which is gross. Remember the cover is meant to protect you from germs but if you have to move it at the end, what’s the use of it? You should have just squatted and this way you will benefit from exercising your legs for the few minutes in there. What if you squat and take longer than you expected, and your thighs are burning? Just avoid all the stress and use the toilet seat cover properly.

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