Using An Electric fertilizer spreader

Having an electric fertilizer spreader is not only important for home owners but also for turf managers. They can be used to spread fertilizer

We have different types of these fertilizer spreaders and which one to buy will depend on different factors; some of them being the size of your lawn. A person having a small lawn might not need the same spreader as would a golf club need.

Why would you need to apply fertilizer to your lawn?

The lawn will need nutrients for that continued growth to help maintain that green appealing look for your lawn. Different fertilizers will have different nutrients but the most common ones include- nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. They will have different volumes in a specific type.

If you notice a certain nutrient is missing from your grass, check with a professional which one if you are not sure. This way, you will avoid adding a nutrient that is already in surplus in the soil.

Types of fertilizer spreaders:

For the purpose of this blog, I will focus on these two main types.

  • Handheld spreader- this is useful for a small lawn. For instance your backyard where you have planted some grass or a playing ground for your kids.
  • ATV Spreader- Electric fertilizer spreader. These are mostly fixed on small vehicles that can withstand rough terrains and still apply fertilizer to the specified amount.

Electric Fertilizer Spreader Buying Guide

Now you might be wondering what to consider when you want to buy atv spreader.

Look out for the following things:

  • Durability. How durable is it? The cart must be able to hold the spreader and the hopper should be capable of withstanding the content.
  • Ease of hookup- how easily can you attach the spreader to an atv? Go for one that will require less hustle for this.
  • Operation- the seeder should be able to let the fertilizer flow smoothly. Therefore, before getting a specific spreader, consider the work at hand first.
  • Pricing- at times, you might be limited to a certain amount or you are working on a budget. Don’t overspend and limit your cash on some basic needs for you and your family.
  • Capacity- some spreaders could range from 50 lbs to 350 lbs. so check the capacity bearing in mind the size of your lawn.

In conclusion, we have seen that you might need an electric fertilizer spreader or work without one. If your lawn is not that big, go for the other types, smaller than the electric fertilizer spreader. This will ensure that whenever you put up a patio sofa on that grass, it will look amazing.

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