Using A Belt Rack To Properly Store Your Belts

When you have a lot of belts, proper storage is the key to creating more space in your closet.  Also, storage increases your belts lifespans, and at the same time, it’s simpler to find the kind of belt you want to wear. To store your belt in the best way, consider using a belt ring or a belt rack. A belt rack helps in preserving the belts and save the storage space in your closet. Depending on your storage and the number of belts you have, here are simple ways to arrange your belt in a belt rack.

Hang them

Hanging your belt is the easiest ways of storing them. There are different types of belt racks available. Some come with hooks, while others don’t if yours has hooks. It’s high time you use them to hang your belts. Also, use the brackets on the rack to hang the belts.

Use a belt ring

Using a belt rack is the best possible way of storing your belts, but also adding a belt ring in your closet offer you another option and more storage for your belts. A belt rings are incorporated on the belt rack and even on belt hangers. This way you get the increase your storage capacity.

Screw you the belt rack on the wall or on a wooden plank

You don’t have to keep your belt rack in your closet, but you can screw it on the wall near your closet. Also, you can screw up hooks on a wooden plank and make your DIY belt rack. However, before you decide to screw your rack to the wall you need to consider making pilot holes on the walls where the screws will go and also if you are in a rental home or apartment, you might want to reconsider your options since not all homeowners want holes in their walls.

Coordinate your belt colors

You can stay organized by coordinating belt colors on your belt rack. Also, organizing them will help when it comes to keeping track of your belts. Start by grouping your belts to save time while hanging. Coordinating the colors can also enhance your design and finding them easier.

Other options of storing your belts

There are many options, but the most common one to belt rack is to store them in a drawer. Drawers in your closet offer you another more storage in case you don’t have a belt rack. To start with, you can roll up the belts and ties all around them the secure the belt before storing them away. You don’t need a specific drawer for the belt, use the clothing or sock drawer. Also, consider placing the belt in a container.

Storing your belts in a coordinated way makes them easily accessible. However, to store your belt correctly, you need to purchase a belt rack or roll them up and place them in a drawer. If you need to save space in your closet and still take good care of your belt, then consider a belt rack as your first option.

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