Uses of ladders at home

The most common types of ladders that everyone knows about are the extension and step ladders. There is an estimated over one hundred and sixty injuries that are reported in the United States annually. Out of these, three hundred result in death. This means that whenever you are using a ladder, you need to very careful. This article will be talking about the common uses of ladders at home.

In your house, you might need a ladder to change the light bulb for instance. What I am trying to indicate here is that you will need a ladder at home. Would you prefer using a ladder or standing on a chair while changing the bulb? I know you will say that using a chair is more risky, and yeah it is more risky.

What do you consider when getting yourself a ladder? The main purpose of the ladder will determine the type of ladder that you will get – the uses of ladders at home:

The different types of ladders include:

Step ladders

This is the most common type of ladder that is used at home. It’s self-supporting, having two sets of rungs and are evenly spaced with a top cap that connects and joins the two together. You need to determine the type of step ladder. Some have the steps on both sides while others have the steps on one side. The latter offers the other side as support. The bottom portions are the feet or shoes.

Extension ladders

Extension ladders can be used to reach higher heights, which is not possible when using a step ladder. The most common use of these extension ladders, include repairing and renovating the exterior of your house, repairing the roof or the gutters. The good thing with extension ladders is that you can use a variance of heights depending on the specific purpose. However, this type of ladder is not self-supporting. After the fly slide upwards, you need to support the ladder against a flat vertical surface like the wall of a house.

Multipurpose ladder

This type of ladder incorporates both the features of the step and extension ladders. This can be self-supporting or can require you to place them against a stable surface.

Step stool

These are most common and can be used in any of the rooms in the house. For instance, they can be used by kids to reach their beds or in the kitchen to reach the kitchen shelves and cabinet. Some can be easily folded meaning that they will occupy less space when it comes to storage.

Attic ladder

The last type of ladder that we will discuss is the attic ladder. This type of ladder is attached to the door that accesses the loft. They are easy to use and provide easy access to the attic of your house.


When choosing the type of ladder that you need to buy, check first how you will be using the ladder- the uses of ladders at home. Different types of ladders have different functions as well as usage.

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