Uses of a Hand Towel Holder

Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or guest room holder, there exists various creative ways to use the hardware. Most people purchase a paper or hand towel holder for specific purposes. One can as well place other items on the equipment.


If you have trouble arranging your photographs or scrapbook stickers, use binder rings to form a reliable and fashionable filing system. The best hardware to adapt includes paper towel holder with a weighted base and a vertical rod attached to it.


You may be wondering how a hand towel holder can knit but the secret lies with having a stable platform to hold your yarn as you work. Some equipment comes with special features to prevent paper rolls from unraveling. As such, your yarn will be safe from falling off and destroying its usual firm shape. Besides, cats will not damage your wool while trying to play with it.

Organizing bedroom

Hand towel holders that are mounted on the wall provide sufficient space to hang your bracelets, anklets, necklaces, or ear loops. Storing jewelry in a single unit tangles them together and leaves other accessories in a mess. Ideally, most items obtain scratches on their coatings while others appear older. You can also hand belts on a towel holder or loop and arrange them on a vertical appliance. Long wall-mount hand towel holders can hold scarves neatly or keep the baby bibs within reach. In short, your bedroom or nursery room needs one or two towel holders to keep the spaces sparkling.

Storing ribbons and tapes

A disorganized craft room or home office may require decongesting especially when items are scattered all over. You may choose to install a hand towel holder or place a vertically enhanced paper holder on your desk. Each can put your tapes or ribbons within reach and keep the space clean.

Hanging ties and hats

Do not despair when your closet lacks enough space for all attires. Since no one desires wearing a shrunken hat or tie, a hand towel holder can come in handy. Apart from offering hanging services, you can use the home appliance to learn how to tie a tie. It also allows one to have a week worth of ready ties to use while in a hurry. All you need is to hang an already fixed set of ties and each morning you just pull one out and wear.

Trash bags

Leaving large nylon papers around the house is not ideal especially since kids can suffocate in them while playing. Therefore, mount a paper towel holder and roll your trash bags on it. Most importantly, have the appliance installed in the storage room where pets or children cannot easily access.

Organizing your kitchen

Cookie cutters look appealing while mounted on a vertical hand towel holder. However, one can stack donuts on the same model instead of a box. Such creativity could prove useful to snack parlors and business-oriented minds with economical ideas. Basically, towel holders have a longer lifespan than boxes and one does not need to restock them. They hardly rust and not easily replaced.


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