Tree stump removal- Methods and Techniques

Before we get to tree stump removal, let’s first look at what s a tree stump. After cutting a tree, the part that is left with the roots still on the ground is known as a tree stump. How many tree stumps have you seen in your neighborhood? There are plenty of cases since the cost of tree stump removal is high. Many people don’t like the idea of tree stump removal since they term it to be hard but with the right techniques, it’s an easy task that can be achieved by everyone.

Why would you remove a tree stump?

  • They are hazardous. How would you feel stubbing your toe on an old tree stump? Some tree stumps that cannot be seen easily as they have been covered with grass or weeds. These tree trumps are very hazardous and pose the greatest danger to both people and animals using the area.
  • They are disgusting to see in the yard. Take the case of having tree stumps in your yard, or worse still having the tree stumps that have weed and other plants growing on them. They will make your backyard or garden look bad.
  • They occupy valuable space. If you are looking to have the clearest yard possible, it’s time to remove the tree stumps that might have taken the space.

How to remove a tree stump

While you might be aware, removing some tree stumps could prove to be easier than others. The specific technique to use will determine how easy it would be to remove a tree stump.

What makes a stump easier to remove?

  1. Age- an older stump is easier to remove.
  2. Size- larger stumps are harder to remove than the smaller trumps.

Now, let us look at some of the ways of removing a tree stump

Tree stump killer and chemical stump removal

For this method, you need to have a drill, potassium nitrate, an ax and chainsaw. Using the chainsaw, cut as much of the stump as possible. You start by drilling 1-inch holes- around 10 inches deep around the stump. After doing it round the stump, move inward by about 3 inches and make some more holes using the drill.

Then pour substantial amounts of the chemical- potassium nitrate into the holes and fill them with water. After that, you need to wait for around 5 weeks to have the stump become spongy. At this stage, use an ax to break the spongy stump.

Rotting a tree stump

If you can rot the tree stump, you can fill the hole with soil. Sounds simple, right? Start by drilling holes into the stump about 9 inches deep and fill them with high-nitrogen substance. Pour water into the holes and chip the stump in pieces as it softens. After finishing, you can fill the hole with soil.

Removing by hand

This is the most basic form of tree stump removal but must be done with the right tools if you are to achieve the results successfully and quickly. The tools that you need include- chainsaw, shovel, ax, digging bar, chain, pick mattock and a four-wheel drive truck.

First, start by removing the lower branches from the truck using the chainsaw. Cut the top portion but remember to have enough left that can be used to hold. The dirt work begins now. Using a shovel, digging bar and pick mattock remove the surrounding soils to reveal the roots. Using an ax cut the major roots. After cutting the majority of the roots, try pushing the trunk. By pushing, you should be able to locate more roots that need to be cut. If after doing this the trunk will not move, consider tying the trunk with a wrap chain to the truck and pull.

Burning the tree stump

If still you can’t afford to hire the labor for removing the stump with hand or chemical, the other option at your disposal is burning. Start by drilling holes into the center of the stumps about 9 inches deep, each about one inch between. Scoop potassium nitrate into each hole and pour hot water until the chemical has dissolved. Place a scrap wood on top of the stump and light it. Break any large roots using the shovel and bring in soil to fill the hole as needed.

Get a professional for tree stump removal

If you don’t want to do this by yourself, the last option that you have is hiring a professional. Some of the factors that will determine the cost of tree stump removal include-

  • Tree stump size- bigger stumps will cost more.
  • Location- if the immediate surroundings can make the process a bit complicated, the pricing will definitely go higher.
  • Tree type- some trees will be cheaper to have the stumps removed than others.
  • Roots- the size and how far the roots have spread.
  • Conditions of the soil- you will have to part with more cash if you are working on harder and more compact soils.

Just in case you are wondering on tree stump removal, apply the methods above.

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