Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

An extra stash of toilet paper well stored can save the entire household from an embarrassment. However, the embarrassment comes in when the toilet paper is well stored but it’s out of reach- great toilet paper storage idea. This is one awkward situation that nobody wants to find themselves in. To avoid this, it’s advisable to put a few additional rolls of toilet paper in the toilet in easy to reach places or holders. This way, when one roll is finished, you can easily reach out for the other one. It also serves as a reminder when the toilet paper is almost finished in the house. When the other rolls are done and only one or two are remaining, you will remember to get some more.

Storing backup tissue paper in the bathroom without encumbering your space can be challenging at times. You can use creative DIY ideas to store the toilet paper, or you can use old habits people are used to. Here are some ideas on toilet paper storage:

  • Use the back side of the bathroom door by installing a hook on the door. Place the extra toilet paper rolls in a nice looking bag hung from the hook without falling. This way, even when someone opens the door in a hurry, the extra rolls won’t drop to the ground.
  • Employ the use of small and medium sized crafted baskets. This might sound general but these baskets come in different shapes, and you can decorate them if you like. They also come in varying materials from wire bins or metal that can be hanged on the wall or wicker weave hampers with handles. If you want to be more creative, you can hang the basket on to a colorful plastic holder.
  • An old crate would also do the trick. Clearly label an old crate and turn it on the side. This can be hung on the wall or at the corner of the toilet or even better at the back of the door. Remember the issue here is not storage only but storage in an easily accessible place.
  • To make it better depending on the design of the bathroom, you can add a shelf on the side and use it to store the extra toilet paper. The shelf should be small and above the reservoir such that there’s enough space to take the lid off when necessary. If you can have a number of small shelves, you can use one for toilet paper, another for bathroom spray and other toilet essentials.

These methods for toilet paper storage allow you to keep the bathroom organized and also keeps everyone happy. One thing to note is that topping up the toilet paper is essential. If there is no toilet paper in the house, it doesn’t matter how many rolls your storage can handle; you will be in for an embarrassment.

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