Tips to get the most out of your tow behind lawn sweepers

Learning how to use a tow behind lawn sweeper can help you enjoy a cleaner and more beautiful lawn. The first thing is to know how to use the lawn sweeper and then how to maintain it. It’s the ultimate thing to do to ensure the tow behind lawn sweepers give you service for long.


·        Save time and get it assembled at the store

Getting the lawn sweeper assembled at the store saves time and also helps avoid problems. Different models have different ways of assembling and have different complexity levels. If your lawn sweeper doesn’t pick up leaves and debris well, the problem might be in the assembly. Avoid it by having it assembled at the store.


·        Wait for the lawn to dry

The lawn sweeper uses brushes to collect leaves and other debris. Lawn sweeping is beat done when the lawn is dry as the brushes are more likely to get a better grip of the debris than if it’s wet and slippery. This way, you will be protecting the tow behind lawn sweepers. 

·        Mow your lawn first

A grown lawn makes it difficult for the lawn sweeper to collect all the debris. The shorter the grass, the easier it is for the brushes to pick debris. If the grass is long, the brushes are going to fight against it. Debris sticks out more in the shorter grass making it easier to sweep.


·        Use the lawn sweeper regularly

The more times you use it; the more experience you get. It’s easier to clean debris from your lawn as what would have taken hours using a rake ends up using a few minutes. This doesn’t mean you can now stockpile debris on your lawn for weeks. Take advantage and use the lawn sweeper regularly and keep your lawn debris free.


·        Empty the lawn sweeper regularly

The lawn sweeper hopper stores the debris collected by the lawn sweeper. Make sure you empty it to avoid weighing it down which can result to the hopper dragging it down along the ground. This leads to wear and tear to the hopper bag. Empty the hopper regularly and don’t wait for it to fill up completely to empty.


·        Get rid of the big debris first

If your lawn has huge sticks, vines and maybe stones, remove them first by hand before using the lawn sweeper. This way, you won’t damage the lawn sweeper’s brushes, make the wheels lock or any other damage that’s caused by the big stuff.


·        Avoid driving so fast and making sharp corners

Lastly, if you want to get the best out of  your tow behind lawn sweepers, avoid these two things. No matter the size of your lawn, make sure you drive the lawn sweeper straight and in slower speeds. Avoid making sharp turns as this might damage the wheels of the sweeper or make them lock.

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