Safety When Using a Lawn Dump Cart

Lawn dump carts are handy tools for hauling heavy material in bulk such as wood, saplings, earth, and tools across large distances. The dump cart helps you avoid the tedious work of making multiple trips transporting these materials with a small capacity wheelbarrow. They are widely used in large backyards, farms, orchards and construction sites. In the old days, there were wooden dump carts fastened to horses and oxen. Since then, they have been replaced by more durable steel and plastic types pulled by ATVs and tractors. How do you efficiently use a lawn dump cart and ensure your safety?

Don’t overload

Even though a lawn dump cart is used to transport heavy material, not all dump carts are engineered the same way. The cart comes with a user manual on the attached label for the cart’s maximum load and maximum dumping load capacity. The weight of the materials should not exceed the weight your lawn dump cart is safely designed to carry. If you don’t follow the recommended weight guidelines, the cart might trip over during transport damaging it, and it might injure you.

Even load distribution

During transportation, make sure the load is evenly distributed in the cart. If there are areas with concentrated weight, it could impede proper function of the dump cart. Discrete cargo such as firewood and farming implements should be secured with a rope. Make sure not to load cargo on the top edges of the cart.

Avoid modifications

Making excessive modifications on the lawn dump cart have been on the rise recently. Resist the urge to modify the pull cart to improve appearance or performance of the cart. You might be doing more harm than good. Modern dump carts are designed to provide top performance and modifications can get in the way of its performance. You might also modify the cart thinking it will carry more but you end up damaging it for carrying excessive weight.

Off-road use

Dump carts are designed to be used in farms or for general home use. They are not intended to be used on public roads, and it’s illegal to do so in some places. Use the lawn dump cart within your property and ensure your speed doesn’t exceed 9 KPH. If you go over that limit, it forces the cart to overexert itself, and it might topple over.

Check the terrain

Before using the lawn dump cart, check the ground you are going to use it over. Avoid overly unstable or muddy areas to avoid the dump cart and your vehicle getting stuck in the mud. In rough terrain, drive slowly and watch out for loose areas that might give in if driven over and avoid them.

Never drive a lawn dump cart across the face of a slope, drive up and down. If you drive across the slope, the cart will tip over to the side and dump all its content, and it might even get damaged.

Do not carry people

Dump carts are used and specially designed to move materials not people. Don’t ever use a dump cart for transporting people even as a joke. Don’t let people stand or sit on it and don’t leave children unsupervised near the dump cart.

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