Reasons Why You Should Use Plastic Couch Covers

Most people think plastic couch covers are a thing of the past. Others think they are uncomfortable and tacky and should be disregarded. However, take another look before you entirely dismiss them. Here are some reasons why you should:

  • Protection. Just like using a cover to protect the mattress, using a plastic couch cover serves the same purpose. Furniture tends to be a significant investment so why can’t you prolong its life as long as you can? Imagine all the money and time you invested to get that specific couch design. If it were worth it, you would protect the seat to extend its life since you don’t want to see your investment getting run down and there’s something you can do about it.
  • Maintain value. Buying and selling furniture is rising in popularity and this is one reason people are learning the hard lesson of maintaining their furniture in perfect condition. According to Vintage Sellers Weekly, it’s estimated that a good plastic couch cover increases the value of the couch by as high as 40 percent on resale. If you are not maintaining the couch, you are throwing away money.
  • New designs. Unlike the old crinkly covers used by our grandmothers in the past, there are new plastic couch covers available today with a better design. They are BPA free, made from soft soft-touch materials and nearly invisible. They make the seat comfortable to sit on and also prevents sticky thighs and the rear end thigh imprint after sitting for a while which is really
  • The new design plastic covers let you enjoy your furniture design, unlike the traditional slipcovers. Nowadays, they have the clear plastic kind that will not inhibit the color or design of the couch making it blend in with your décor. If you wouldn’t want to wear a shapeless dress out of the house, don’t make your couch go through this experience.
  • Pet hair. People are always looking for different ways to have pet hair and dander off the couch. Plastic couch covers are the best option so far, and your fluff brush will thank you for it.

So long as you have the desired couch design, there’s no way a plastic cover is going to limit you. Keeping the couch clean all the time might prove to be hard. You can’t afford to clean the sofa now and then. Its time consuming, tiresome and lowers the value of your couch. Imagine you have children and pets as well, and you don’t have plastic covers for your furniture. The couch will be stained and always littered with pet hair and dander making the house look stuffy and diminishing the value of your couch.

Get a plastic couch cover and minimize the amount of stress that comes with maintaining the furniture. Your furniture will be thankful as well as your wallet since when you want to resell the furniture, remove the plastic couch cover and it looks like its new.

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