6 Outdoor Mosquito Killer Methods You Need To Try

Are you having an issue with mosquitoes in your home? Do you find yourself struggling with the fact that you can’t stay outdoors in peace because of their mosquitoes on your lawn? Mosquitoes are annoying and dangerous. They cause the spread of diseases like malaria that may cause death when you are not treated in time. To avoid the risk that comes with mosquitoes, you need to take steps and get rid of them especially from outdoors. In a bid to help you out, here are useful outdoor mosquito killer methods you can apply.

Outdoor Mosquito Killer Methods

Set an outdoor oscillating fan

Mosquitoes and wind don’t go hand in hand. These two things do accommodate each other. Setting an oscillating fan outdoor pointing in the direction where you will be can helps control the mosquitoes, killing some in the process.

Get a portable ThermaCELL
A ThermaCELL is something that people carry when they are planning for outdoor activities like camping. The device is used away from home. What you need to do is open in a cartridge fuel, and it will start repelling the mosquitoes.

Try a sugar mixture trap
The Sugar mixture trap is another way of getting rid of mosquitos in your outdoor space. Start by cutting plastic bottles and seal the two pieces together. Mix sugar and hot water, making sugar the sugar dissolves properly. The mixture should be thick before you allow it to cool down. After that, pour it into the bottle you cut horizontally and place it outside.

Grow pest-repelling plants
There are different types of plants that can be used to get rid of mosquitos and other pests outdoors. Plants like marigolds and lemongrass are the best. They contain oil, which is loved for their pest repelling effects.

Use bug zapping device
Devices such as Trap Killer, Hoot Mosquitos and others can be used to attract and kill pests including mosquitos. These devices can be placed outside, in less light to attract and kill all mosquitoes that come closer.

Attract natural predators
To help reduce and finally get rid of mosquitos outdoors, consider to attract natural predators like birds to feed on mosquitos. Bird species like the Purple Martin Bird are mosquito’s natural predators. Place birdbaths and feeders outside to attract them.

There are other ways of dealing with mosquito menace in your property. Some people also decide to use pesticides to kill mosquitoes. Also, don’t forget and leave stagnate water for long in your property. It provides a place for mosquitoes to breed.

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