Modern Floor Lamps For Living Room

Do you want to add light to your room? Nothing beats the convenience of a floor lamp added to your room. Modern floor lamps for living room can be placed anywhere in the living room including behind the sofas, near the door or anywhere you wish. There are many reasons why you need a floor lamp. In this article, we are going to focus on modern floor lamps, and how to install them in your living room.


There are thousands of modern floor lamps for living room available in stores and online stores, meaning finding the right one is not that difficult. The floor lamps come in different materials, styles, and color. Whatever style you want, you can find a floor lamp that fits your styles.

Points of light

Before you jump into purchasing a modern floor lamp for living room, you need to identify the purpose of the floor lamp. If what you have in mind is a clear light pointed in one direction, the features of your lamp should focus on what you want.

The height

The height of your floor lamp also matters. A very short lamp might look too small if your home has a high ceiling, but at the same time, a tall lamp won’t fit well in a room with a lower high ceiling.

Highlight special treasures

Do you need to showcase treasures in your home? Modern floor lamps for living room can help you. You can use floor lamps to showcase treasures such as art objects, painting, and other collectibles. Place it near or below a painted canvas or a framed print to emphasize the art.  You can place it next to a vacation souvenir, or a framed photograph.

Brighten a dark corner

Wake up a recessed wall area or a dark living corner by incorporating the modern floor lamps into your design. This lamp can also be used with a novel base like a metal sculpture, tree branch or bold color to enhance a corner.

Soften the mood

Adding a modern floor lamp around the edges of your home not only lighten up your room and add style to your design, but it also enhances and softens the mood in your home. Put the floor lamps about 10 feet apart to radiate light for a cheery atmosphere. These lamps will also offer subtle illumination as a substitute to overhead ambient lighting, chandeliers and recessed lighting.

Add style

A modern floor lamp for living room adds style to your living room. Some of them might have a single bulb with added features and two or three light sockets which can be used for better lighting which also means increased visibility.

Floor lights are available in an array of colors and style. The lamps provide versatile aesthetic décor and functions for your living room. You can position them to accommodate your activities, highlight features in your room and also enhancing existing color scheme and furnishings. Incorporating a floor lamp adds design and style in your home and at the same time provides you with an optimal lighting offer you endless designs in a variety of colors, materials, price ranges, and finishes.

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