Mistakes to avoid when using a two burner gas grill

Some people love cooking with a charcoal grill, but the convenience of a gas grill can’t be compared. The two burner gas grill makes grilling simple and night friendly. A charcoal grill is preferred by master grillers who have the time and expertise to use it.

Most people prefer the gas grill, and even if you are a master griller, there are things you do wrong.

  • Skipping the preheating step

Some people assume that because it’s a gas grill, you can start cooking right away after lighting it. Even though the two burner gas grill is easy to use and cooks fast, you need to preheat it. Wait a little bit to get the heat transferred to all the grates evenly before you start cooking. This prevents food sticking to the grates and results in food with appealing grill marks.

  • Not washing the grill

To many people, this is the last thing they want to do after a night of successful grilling, but it’s important. It’s frustrating to start grilling with a dirty grill as the food will stick to the grates and blackened food bits from last time’s grilling will stick to your food. Clean the grill once it cools down a bit but still warm.

  • Not using dials to control the heat

Some grillers think the hotter the grill, the better. This is wrong! A two burner gas grill has dials used to control the temperature on both burners. Use the dials to control the heat and create zones on your grill. Do this by turning the dial on one side to low heat and the other to high heat. Direct flames all the time will result in burnt food on the outside, but the inside is not cooked.

  • Lifting the lid continuously when the food is cooking

It’s hard to grill and avoid the peeking temptations, but it’s better to keep the lid closed. The two burner gas grill retains heat when the lid is closed, and your food cooks faster. Otherwise, your food will take longer to cook if you keep on opening and closing the cover all the time.

  • Running out on propane

Grilling can swiftly turn from being a fun experience to a frustrating one if you don’t have enough propane. Monitor the propane gauge on the propane tank and know when it’s getting low. It’s also recommended that you check the valves after grilling to make sure there is no leakage.

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