Important tips on how to install a water line in your garden

Watering your garden can be a challenge if you have to lay down the pies every time you need to do it. You also can’t leave the pipes outside due to damages from the sun and people as well. This leaves so many people in a tricky situation. Most of these people often leave the garden dry for long, and the results are seen in the quality of the plants in the garden. The same thing applies to your lawn. You have to keep watering it to keep it good looking. You have an outdoor faucet buy you need to lay pipes to install a water line in your garden. This will make things easier for you next time you need to water the garden. The article will be looking at how to install a water line in your garden.

How to install a water line in your garden

Start with deciding how deep the trench goes to avoid having to drain the water lines every fall because of snowing. This will depend on your zone. Then you have to decide on the kind of system you will use to water the garden. If you intend to use dripping pipes or sprinklers, the waterline has to be efficient.

Dig some trenches as deep as the level of ice to avoid draining the system in fall. This way, the system will last for long as compared to lining the pipes bare on the ground. You can use a trench digger to make things easier.

If you don’t have an automatic water pumping system and you depend on gravity, the trenches have to go downhill to give it sufficient pressure.

Using CPVC pipes is better and cheaper than using metal pipes. Most of the fittings with the CPVC is done using glue, so it’s easy.

Since you have your whole system planned in mind, lay the piping and bury the trenches. The plastic pipes are easier to lay down if you let it sit in the sun for a while to warm and soften up. Make sure the system is working before you bury the pipes to give room for changes.

Install the emitters. Use a hole punch to make a clean hole in the plastic piping and install the emitters you want. Either a drip line, sprayers or sprinklers according to your plan.

Run some water in your system to get rid of any dirt in the pipes before you bury the pipes. It’s also important to monitor the pipes for cracks and holes to avoid dripping and loss of water which can lead to failure of the system.

If you have been wondering on how to install a water line in your garden, it is a do it yourself project. It’s fun and easy to do, and your garden will thank you for it by producing the best plants.


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