Importance of A Kitchen Towel Rack

When cooking, you will find yourself in need of a kitchen towel at any moment. Have you ever sensed like the kitchen towels are moving and hiding in places you can’t see? This is because you don’t have a kitchen towel rack. If you do, the towels are never out of reach or out of sight either. The kitchen towel rack helps to arrange the dry towels such that you have easy access to the towels and they are also not loitering. In the kitchen, you will require a kitchen towel regularly from drying your hands, wiping up spills and drying dishes. This means if you are hygienic, at any one time in the kitchen, you will need at least two or three towels.

You can’t use the same towel to wipe up spills, dry your hands and dry the dishes as well. If you don’t have a place for these towels, it is irritating to have them moving around the kitchen. The kitchen towel rack gives you an easy time whenever you want to use a towel, and you can arrange them in such a way that you know the towel for drying your hands and wiping up spills and the one for drying the dishes. When you use a towel, you don’t take it back to the kitchen rack. Instead, you throw it in the sink for cleaning. You only take it back to the frame after cleaning.

If you don’t have a towel rack in your kitchen, you will have a hard time thinking, where is it? I just used it, and now I can’t see it. When designing the kitchen, your designer ought to have included the kitchen rack but if not there’s no need to worry. There are different ways you can store your towels:

  • Use the handles of your appliances

Use what you have and hang the kitchen towels on your appliance handles. Keep in mind this will work for the appliances that are not hidden like the wall oven. Its height is at the eye level, and this will give you an easy time when accessing the towels since they are in sight.

  • Hang the towels on your cabinet pulls

There are cabinet pulls meant for appliances with cabinet panels. They are usually longer than the typical cabinet pulls, and they allow a towel a sufficient amount of clearance.

  • Use the sink

This might not be practical for most people since most of the times when you are cooking you are bound to use the sink. However, if you have an extra sink, you can hang the towels there keeping them exposed and easy to access.

Never underestimate the use of a kitchen towel rack. If you can’t find space to mount one, you can use these simple ideas or be content with the towels in the cabinet. Either way, a towel rack in the kitchen is as important as any other utensil that helps you have an easy time cooking.

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