How to store radishes to keep them fresh & crisp

Radishes are some of the best vegetables you can plant in your garden. The good thing about them is once you plant, you only need 45 days, and you can do a full harvest. The deliciousness of radishes is determined by how long you can keep them fresh and crispy. If not properly stored, they go soft quickly, and they often rot easily. You have to store them in the same conditions they were in the garden to keep them fresh as long as you can. This article will try answering the question of how to store radishes to keep them fresh and crisp. 

One thing for sure is that you can’t store the radishes forever and expect them to be crispy when you cook them. You might have succeeded in keeping them in a refrigerator where they won’t rot, but they are soft losing the crispiness. The deliciousness of radishes depends on how long you can keep them crispy.

How to store radishes to keep them fresh & crisp

There are different ways you can extend the life of your radishes instead of giving them all away, so they don’t go to waste:

The first method involves trimming the roots, stem, and leaves from the radishes. Leaving these on the radishes dehydrates them quickly, and in a few days they go soft and wilt. Trim these items and wash the radishes with cold, fresh water and place them in a mason jar. Fill the jar with cold water to cover the radishes then put a lid on the mason jar. This way, the radishes will stay crisp for a week or more. This is good for keeping the radishes fresh for use with salads.


The other option is keeping the radishes in the refrigerator but not throwing them in a box and putting it in the fridge. First get a bunch of radishes and get rid of the roots, leaves and the stem. The secret here is to keep the radishes moist for as long as you can. If they are moist, they don’t go soft making them perfect for salads. Use a resealable bag and some paper towels. Take a few paper towels of different sizes and line them in the resealable bag. Put the damp radishes on top of the paper towels then add another layer of paper towels on top of the radishes and repeat until your radishes fit in the bag. Squeeze all the air out of the bag and seal tightly. You can now store the radishes in your fridge, and they will stay fresh and crisp for up to 2 weeks!

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