How To Kill Weeds Naturally In DIY Steps

Your yard is the most important place of your property/ aside from giving you and your pets a place where you can enjoy and have fun. It is also a place you can organize a kid’s party, family gathering and a place to relax. However, as much as you would like your yard to stay perfect, sometimes you can’t avoid the appearance of weed. Weed grows everywhere, and there is nothing that can destroy your garden or yard like weeds. This article will talk about how to kill weeds naturally.

To help you out, here are some tips you can use on how to kill weeds naturally and get rid of them in your garden or yard.

Vinegar is used in many homes as a way of cleaning and cooking, but did you know you can use vinegar to kill weeds naturally? Spraying a full-strength apple cider or white vinegar will make the sprouting weeds on your driveway and along the fringes disappear. Also, give the plants a spritz of vinegar, but make sure it won’t rain soon or else you have to repeat the process.

Weeds can be tough to eradicate, but salt can do the job. Add 1 cup of salt in water and bring to boil. Make sure you pour directly to the weed and kill the weeds. Avoid other plants that you want to keep. Also, you can directly pour onto the unwanted grass or weeds and sprinkle some water.

Bleach is not used only for cleaning. Pour a little amount on weeds, and after a day or two, they will die. The good thing about this is that it prevents the weeds from coming back again.

Other people love vodka. Not for drinking, but as a pesticide. Mix an ounce of vodka, 2 cups of water and liquid dish soap together, put them is a spray bottle and spray. Make sure you apply daylight when in direct sunlight. The alcohol will break down the leaves waxy cuticle which in turn they leave die because of dehydration.

Weeds love growing in the cracks outside your home. Borax can kill the weeds, keeps ants and other insects from entering your house. Sprinkle some and leave it.

Use herbicides
Herbicides are the method people love to use. The problem is, many herbicides will also kill the surrounding plants if you don’t spray carefully. To help, use bottles, like soda bottles to isolate to weeds and spray directly to the weeds. Always protect yourself when doing this.

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