How to Kill Dallisgrass In Simple Steps

When planting and maintaining a beautiful lawn, one thing you want is a dallisgrass in your garden. For some, it is difficult to control this grass from invading your yard or even when it has already invaded, getting rid of it is a struggle. However, that doesn’t mean you can get rid of the grass completely. There are different ways you can get rid of dallisgrass, in this article we are going to focus on some of them.

How to Kill Dallisgrass In Simple Steps

Identify the grass

To start with, you need to identify the grass. You can’t get rid of something you know how it looks like. If you live in areas where they are common, then you have no issues identifying them. However, if you don’t know how they look, you need to find out. Dallisgrass are large, grows in private places and public places.

Add mulch to your garden beds

Since dallisgrass grows in yards, they also grow in the garden. Make sure you put clumps out of your yard or garden before you add mulch over the top. Make sure the mulch is three inches thick. It’s the only way you can keep the dallisgrass from growing. It also stops birds and insects from destroying your garden.

Dig up dallisgrass

Since you now know the grass, how it looks like, it’s time to eliminate them. Your first step should be digging them up each time you see them in your yard. Use trowels and shovels to do so. Get the entire roots out. Do it slowly because if you leave even a small piece, the grass will return back quickly.

Use a pre-emergent herbicide

Dallisgrass spikes have seeds that can be spread throughout the yard. Spraying a pre-emergent herbicide will help control the grass from invading your yard. This herbicide also works for crabgrass. It helps stop germination and growth of seeds spread by animals and wind.

Use post-emergent treatments

Sometimes even after using the pre-emergent herbicides, a post-emergent treatment will also work wonders. The grass can continue to grow even after taking the above measures. To stop the spread or growth, make sure you dig out the grass every time you see them in your yard.  Post-emergent herbicides are also useful.

Some people also prefer using non-selective spray. The non-selective spray has its negative side. Once you apply it on the yard, it kills everything that comes into contact with it. So it might end up killing all the grass in your yard, even the once you intend to keep.

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