How to kill a pine tree: 5 effective ways

Pine trees are so resilient and cutting them down doesn’t always work. You must get a way of killing the tree from the core that’s the roots. When you cut down the tree and leave the roots, it will sprout from the trunk. The method to use to kill a pine tree depends on the size of the tree. You might need tools to destroy the pine tree, but it’s a do it yourself project that can be done in different ways. Here, are five ways on how to kill a pine tree.

5 effective ways on How to kill a pine tree

  • Tree Girdling

This is a fancy name for removing the bark around the tree. It’s also known as ring barking. To do this, remove a strip of bark around the tree trunk. Use a chainsaw and make a uniform cut around the tree trunk. Make a deep cut around the tree. Make another cut below or above the first cut and make sure it’s the same size as the previous one. Use an axe and remove the bark in between these cuts and this kills the tree over time.

  • Using copper nails

You can also use copper nails to kill the tree, but this might take longer. It’s done by driving a few copper nails in the tree using a hammer to poison the tree. This method poisons the tree but its slow and inconsistent. It’s also not effective on large and healthy trees.

  • Use salt

To use salt to kill the pine tree, drill holes into the ground to access the roots. You have to make several holes around the tree to make it effective. Use a concentrated salt solution and pour it inside the holes you have drilled. The method is effective, but it’s slow and not so ideal. The salt can prevent plants to grow where it was poured for long, so it’s not the best method for killing a pine tree.

  • Use chemicals

Using herbicides that contain Glyphosate is one of the most effective and popular ways to kill a pine tree. Drill holes in the ground around the tree as deep as possible at a downwards angle. Use the herbicide to make a solution and fill the holes with it. The chemicals stay for a while in the soil, and nothing will grow in that area for some time until it fades. Protect yourself using gloves and wear appropriate clothing to be safe from the chemicals.

  • Burning

Lastly on how to kill a pine tree, is burning. For the people who prefer messy methods, this is perfect but make sure you are in a rural area, and you can control the fire. Try and make sure it’s not so windy to avoid the fire getting out of control and spreading fast.

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