How to get rid of weeds naturally – Simple DIY

You have weeds growing in your garden and are wondering how to get rid of weeds naturally? Here are several ways that you can do it at home with items that you have around the house. So, stop crabgrass and dandelions by using these pesticide free tactics. One might consider using herbicides for quicker results, but let us look out some of the ways on how to get rid of weeds naturally.

How to get rid of weeds naturally

Newspaper. Create a carpet of newspaper to block sunlight and oxygen from reaching the soil. This simple trick will prevent growth of new weeds as well as smother weeds that have already sprouted. Wondering how to do it right? Place down a layer of ten sheet wet newspapers and cover with mulch of up to 2 inches. Should you have weed growing in the mulch, add some more layers. Eventually, they will decompose and integrate into the soil.

Corn gluten meal. The corn by-product inhibits the growth of seeds into weeds. This will prevent new weeds from growing but won’t kill the established plants and weeds.

Other plants. The other plants in your garden will compete for the available resources in the soil. The plant ground covers, garden crops and flowers will beat the weeds in consuming water, nutrients and sunlight.

Vodka. Mixing 1 ounce of vodka with 2 cups of water and adding a few drops of dish soap should dry out weeds that grow in the sun. However, this might not work on weeds that love growing in the shades.

Adding mulch. By adding mulch, you will be helping your soil keep cool wet and eliminate light. This means that the ground will be deprived of the essential nutrients for the growth and development of weeds. To protect your grass, keep the mulch off your lawn. The mulch should be around two inches deep.

Using a lawn mower. When mowing your grass, you will be cutting the weeds and thereby making them invisible. However, since you won’t be cutting the roots, the weeds will regrow and flower again. This is one of the short term solutions.

Existing ground cover. When most of the grass is covered, there will be limited growth of weeds and unwanted plants. So, if you are planning on digging your lawn, make sure that you dig only the required space. Otherwise, leaving bare land will only promote the growth of weeds.

Old shower curtains and the useless carpet samples. Use these to prevent the growth of weed by placing them in garden paths and between rows. This simple trick will work wonders.

Soap. The oil found in soaps will break down hairy weeds surfaces making them at risk from desiccants. Therefore, add a few drops of liquid detergent to vodka or vinegar sprays to help the solution maintain on the leaves.

Taller grass. Having a taller grass will inhibit the growth of weeds and choke any that might try to develop. Remember, weeds will require sunlight to develop. Blocking the sunlight from reaching the ground will help inhibit the growth of weeds.

Trowel. Use a narrow trowel in the soil to loosen stubborn taproots. Try to pull from under the soil especially after a rainstorm. However, this might not work for a larger area.

Landscape fabric. Using a landscape fabric topped with a layer of mulch will prevent the sprouting of unwanted plants in the area.

Salt. Use rock salt to sprinkle around the garden paths to combat the weeds during the spring season. If you can’t find the rock salt, table salt will serve the purpose as well. Salt will create a barrier for the weeds growth along the lawn. Caution must be taken since the salt could erode concrete surfaces.

Vinegar. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is desiccant. The acid will suck the life out of plant leaves. When spraying the weeds, make sure that you cover the other plants since they might fall victim of the vinegar. Important point to note- vinegar being acidic will run the risk of lowering the pH of the soil on application.

Boiling water. Using boiling water will burn up the weeds and is ideal for use around walkway weeds. The results are immediate and adding a tablespoon of salt to the boiling water will make it more effective.

Goats. This sounds funny but goats will reach areas that even people and machinery won’t. The animal’s hooves will rototill your soil as they graze.

Poultry. Make optimum use of chicken and ducks. They will scratch and turn over the soil as they look for food. By the scratching and turning of the soil, the growth of weeds could be inhibited.

Edging. If you have barriers like lawn edgings and retaining walls will help keep weeds from growing. Use decking boards to form a continuous edge.

If you have been looking at how to get rid of weeds naturally, you have your answer. Use the above options to deal with the weeds naturally.

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