How to Clean Countertop Oven

Digital migration has led to invention of the most sophisticated cooking technologies in the world. However, many users fail to properly maintain the gadgets especially regarding cleaning. The Kitchenaid Countertop Convection Oven is among the recent models with the ability to cook just about anything including pizza, chicken, and cookies. Without regular checkup, the equipment can accumulate food crumbs and grease that could ignite under high temperature. Employ the following simple steps when cleaning your countertop oven to ensure your snacks turn out flawless and avoid blowing up your kitchen.

Unplug the oven

Before the cleaning process begins, disconnect the countertop oven from its power source.  It is highly advisable not to dip electrical appliances under water because currents tend to massively react when in contact with wetness.

Reassemble the oven’s various parts

Place your gadget on a piece of paper to capture food crumbs as you carefully pull reattach the rack and the metal trays. Use soap and water to thoroughly wash these parts but in case of stubborn stains, soak them overnight. Allow the crack and trays to completely dry as you clean the rest of the Kitchenaid countertop convection oven. Note that, assembling the machine with water droplets could prove catastrophic especially when connected to the electricity.

Clean with homemade substances

Manufacturers recommend a combination of vinegar, small amounts of soap dish, and warm water while washing countertop oven. Use the solution to dampen a sponge and clean the interiors without leaving any liquid on the heating apparatus. Vinegar comes highly recommended because it is an effective disinfectant that prevents formation of harmful substances.

Apply grease

Some ovens have nonstick or porcelain enamel interiors that are easy to clean. As such metal scouring pads and rough cleaning materials can ruin the countertop oven. Manufacturers recommend a sponge or an old cloth while washing. For stubborn stain, do not use abrasive cleaners but a friendly wiping item like a plastic scouring pad.

Warm the oven for maximum effect

Since some remnants are challenging to clean, you can wash the equipment after use but first unplug it. If necessary, wipe out food debris following each meal and you will never complain about stubborn stains. Once you neglect the kitchenaid countertop convection oven, an unpleasing coating will form and ruin the hardware permanently. Consider replacing an inoperable model with the latest products in the market.

Note that, cleaning any type of oven comes with various rules that you need to master. Immersing kitchen equipment in water is not advisable. Also, you should apply washing solutions into a sponge, cloth, or an old rag instead of directly on the toaster. The wiping material should be damp rather than dripping. Manufacturers recommend such precautions to prevent splashing liquids on electrical components especially due to the presence of a convectional fan. Another point to note is the right cleaners to use. They include vinegar, warm water, or other non-corrosive disinfectants. You can also steam your countertop oven and wipe the moisture with dry cloth. For outstanding results, leave it overnight to dry completely.




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