How to Choose Grass Seed for Sandy Soil

Choosing the right grass for your sandy soil is not an easy thing to do. Although the type of soil is the critical aspect when it comes to growing a healthy lawn, there are other things you need to know before buying the grass. For instance, you might want to know the type of grass suitable for your lawn and how to choose them. This article will be looking at how to choose grass seed for sandy soil.

Type of grass seed for sandy soil

There are different types of grass that do well on sandy soil. Some of them are:

Cool-season fescues: the Cool-season fescues is the kind of grass you that generally grows in places like the US. The grass actively grows in fall and spring seasons, but they appear dormant during the winter and summer season.

There are types of these grass like the creeping red fescue grass and the tall fescue. The tall fescue grass is a bunching grass while the creeping red fescues grow in moderate drought rhizomes.

Transitional zone grasses

The transitional grass grows in areas like southern Pennsylvania, some states in Oklahoma, Iowa and northern Georgia. If your soil is sandy, you can also choose warm-season Bermuda grass or cool-season fescue. They are great options.

Centipede grasses

The centipede grass originates from Southeast Asia and native China. This grass has become naturalized in a place like American south. They tolerate a wide variety of soils, but grows well in acidic sandy soils.

Zoysia grass and warm-season Bahia grass

The Zoysia grass and the warm0-season Bahia grass are perfect during summers. They are dormant in cooler weather and loss color until the warmer season. The Bahia produces a coarse turf, which means you need to mow it regularly.

How to choose grass seed for sandy soil

There are various factors you need to consider when choosing grass seeds for your sandy soil. Some of the things you need to consider include:

  • The season:warmer or cooler seasons affect different grass types.
  • The type of grass:the grass type you want to plant is also important. There are those that produce coarse turf and other produce short above-ground stolons.

Creating a beautiful lawn is just not about sowing and mowing. It more about knowing the kind of grass seed you need and the type of soil. Also, the season to plant your seeds is vital, especially when dealing with sandy soil. Whether you are in warm or cool areas, there are grasses available for your sandy soil.

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