How to choose a perfect lawn dethatcher

As a homeowner, you will be required to dethatch your lawn once in a while. A good lawn dethatcher should be able to simplify your work by making it easy and quicker. When shopping for a new lawn dethatcher, how do you ensure that you get the best lawn dethatcher for your next project? Have a look at one of our previous reviews for the best lawn dethatcher. Read through to understand how to choose a perfect lawn dethatcher.

Before getting into the features that you need to look out for – how to choose a perfect lawn dethatcher, do you know the benefits of dethatching your lawn?

  • By removing the thick layer of the thatch in your lawn, you will be giving your grass roots access to nutrients, water and air since you will create aeration in the soil. The thick layer of thatch normally blocks the penetration of the essential elements needed for grass growth and development.
  • Again, by dethaching you will be removing the dead grass on your lawn. Dead grass damages the look of the lawn.

When to dethatch your lawn?

Every homeowner is supposed to remove the excess thatch once or twice every year. This will of course depend on several factors. However, you can have a look at the following cases:

  • When you notice the grass has become thin, it could be the high time to dethatch your lawn.
  • If you find bald areas in your lawn and the grass cannot fill the spots. This is a sign that the grass is thin and might benefit from removing the excess thatch.
  • If you find that water is not running smoothly through the selected area, it means that the soil is compacted and might need dethatching.

The size of your lawn will determine the kind of dethatcher that you can buy. What a homeowner with a small lawn would need is not what another with a larger lawn would need.

Lawn dethatching tips

Let’s look at some of the common lawn dethatching tips:

  • A good dethatcher should have quality blades and knives. You need the blades and knives to get deep into the soil on every pass the dethatcher makes on your lawn.
  • Before performing the lawn dethaching activity, mow your grass a bit lower than the regular size.
  • Make sure that you cover the entire lawn when dethatching. Do not leave some areas on your lawn and assume that the area looks good.
  • Clean and collect debris from the lawn before dethatching your lawn. Collect twigs and branches from your lawn before you can start dethatching your lawn.
  • A few days before dethatching, make sure that that the lawn is wet. This will make the grass softer and help maintain the blades of your dethatcher.
  • After finishing the process, clean your lawn. One of the tools you can use here is the rake and collect the debris into a compost bin. Later, water the grass to clean the mud on the grass and provide water for the grass growth.

Perfect time to do lawn dethatching

Another common question is what is the perfect time to do lawn dethatching?

You need to do this at the right time to get the best results. The size of grass that you want plus the type of your local weather will also determine the perfect time to do the activity.

Dethatch during the springtime for those whose common weather is cold. This will ensure that the grass has enough water to survive the hot and warm seasons. For those living in winter like season area, it is advisable to dethatch early springtime.

The process of lawn dethatching is quite simple and everyone should be able to tackle it. However, if you feel that the process is hard and tiresome for you, you can use the services of a professional lawn dethatcher like TruGreen. By hiring the professionals, you won’t be forced to buy the equipment.

How to choose a perfect lawn dethatcher – Factors to consider

Lawn size. Getting the right tool for your specific kind of lawn will help you determine the kind of dethatcher to get. Determine the size of your lawn as well as the terrain and choose the specific machine for that specificity.

Durability. Before purchasing any tools, it is good to check the reviews from other users. You might be surprised to find out how a machine is poor in quality before buying one. Remember, a poor quality tool will require a lot of servicing and at times, regular replacement.

Grass type. Different dethatchers will work differently when used on various lawns. So it is important to identify the kind of grass before purchasing your next tool. You don’t want to buy an equipment that will get destroyed on the first assignment.

Assembly and ease of use.  Go for a machine that is easier to assemble and to use. Most of the equipment are easy to assemble and everyone can handle on their own at home.

Budget.  The other factor that you need to check is your budget. Don’t break the bank trying to get the most expensive lawn dethatcher. If you cannot afford the one that you desire, rent one instead.

Use these tips to answer the question of how to choose a perfect lawn dethatcher.

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