How effective is a toilet cover?

Most people perceive public toilets to be gross, and they would rather be pressed than go inside and relieve themselves. While this might be true, there is no reason whatsoever to make you avoid going into a public restroom. Most people fear germs, and that’s one reason why toilet covers are rising in popularity. When people are presented with a not so clean public toilet, they take matters into their own hands to make sure they don’t come into contact with germs or harmful bacteria. This is one reason people choose to hover over the public toilet when using it or turn to toilet cover. These promise to keep harmful bacteria out of the way but are they useful?

People say some bacteria and germs call public toilets home and they would rather be safe than regret later. While this might be true and using the toilet cover might help, sometimes people exaggerate things.

Toilet seat covers don’t entirely prevent the spread of germs

This might sound funny, stupid or illogical to some people who are staunch believers of toilet seat covers but its true. You have been misled (I’m sorry to say) if you think a toilet seat cover prevent nasty bacteria from spreading to you when using a public toilet. It is all in mind.

It’s easy to understand why most people believe it though. In mind, it’s better to sit on a new toilet seat cover than sit on the bare plastic of the toilet. This is right in a way. The toilet seat cover is an excellent barrier between the grossness of the public toilet seat and your body. However, the toilet seat cover will not do much when it comes to protecting you from nasty germs and bacteria.

Remember germs and bacteria are very tiny and most of the toilet seat covers are permeable. If you put this together, most viruses and bacteria are so small they will have an easy time getting through the protective barrier of the toilet cover. That’s if there are germs, bacteria, and viruses on the toilet seat. People chose to hover, but this can actually be the dangerous thing. The water might not be as clean and splash when you’re doing your business and come into contact with your body.

Most probably, you won’t catch anything from the toilet seat

The risk of contracting a deadly disease or STD from a toilet is minimal. There are no verified medical cases of an STD that passed from a toilet cover to a person. This is because toilet seats are inhospitable to germs and most microbes. The toilet seat is exposed to open air all the time and is usually made of smooth plastic or porcelain which offers bacteria and viruses no room for shelter.

If a toilet seat looks clean, use it its not going to hurt. Using a toilet paper as a cover is the worst idea. When using the toilet paper, you are giving the microbes enough surface area to multiply and spread. The toilet paper can already be covered with bacteria too.

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