Homemade Wooden Paper Towel Holder

Enhance your interior décor with a elegant wooden paper towel holder. Although supermarkets and home-appliance stores stack various designs, you can create your own models at leisure. Some of the easiest holders to make include,

The Hanging Wooden Bead Towel Holder

Any home would look dashing with a few wooden bead holders hanged in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. You can purchase use various types of beads and mix them up with striking yet fashionable colors.

Leather strap holders

Lack of wall-based metal appliances should not deter you from mounting a paper holder. Look for your old leather belt and use its strap to hold the wooden rod that is long enough to accommodate any paper roll. Attach it to the wall and enjoy your inexpensive efforts to make your space more presentable.

Farmhouse Wooden Tote

The storage appliance can hold various items such as spoons, paper towels, and knives. It features a horizontal rod at the top for holding a tissue roll and a rectangular bottom with sufficient space. Constructing the wooden towel holder does not require unique skills, and you only need a few minutes to have a complete design ready for use.

Recycling hangers

If you have more hangers than you need for your clothes, consider buying wall hooks and hanging your paper towels with ease. One can place the hangers in various places for convenience or align several hooks alongside cabinets or shelves. Their presence hardly affects interior décor, but they are the most cost-effective towel holders in the market.

Rope Towel Holders

The fastest method to create a paper towel holder includes placing two hooks apart on the wall. Look for a rope and tie one end on one hook. Ensure that your paper roll is safely tucked in the middle before tying the other knot. Once you hoist the rope towel holder, add another long thread to accommodate more rolls. The method is less time consuming and allows you to have a reliable sheath within minutes.

Vertical Wooden Holder

Do not shy away from carving a beautiful a wooden paper towel holder to place on your countertops or shelves. If you lack carpentry tools, use a small sharp knife to erect a sizeable wooden sheath on a weighted base. The bottom feature will offer stability and protect your paper towel from toppling over.

Globe Stand Paper Towel Holder

Globe stand towel holders with a wooden base enhance interior décors. The design might appear complicated, but all you need is a crescent-shaped item with a rod or string then mount it on a stable base. Place a paper roll in the middle and position it on the countertop. Alternatively, you can recycle a broken globe decorative whose support features are still intact.

A tight budget may limit your expenditure on the wooden paper towel holder but do not let the situation prevent you from being creative. If you have nails, hammer, wood glue, and a working area, carve yourself a flawless towel stand in a short time span. You can also go through old items for more innovative ideas such as utilizing hooks and forgotten hangers.


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