Five Ways to Take Care of Your Hat in a Hat Organizer

Whether you have one hat or a closet full of them, knowing the appropriate way to store them it the best way to care and maintain their perfect condition. After all knowing how to store your hat has many benefits than just caring for them. They help when it comes to organizing your closet and keeping it clean and uncluttered. So, if you wonder how the use a hat organizer and the right way to use it, here are five way that will help you understand the best way to do so.

Box them

There are hat organizers that comes in box form. Sometime you don’t even need to boxes but the nifty box that your hat come with is the best place to store your hat. When storing your hat, make sure they are upside down. A proper hat box is designed in a way that fits the hat which makes the storage easier.

Roll them

Baseball hats are the easiest to store. You only need to hang them and you are good to go. However, when it comes to hat collection. Some people own pork pie, bowler, fedora, western hat or trilby. This hats need to be stores in a special way. A better idea of using a hat organizer is to roll the hats to prevent them from warping into strange shapes.

Moth them

When storing hats in any organizer, you need to consider moth balls. Mothballs. Using mothballs will help you take proper care of your hats and guard them from nature’s nasty creation like moths. Mothballs come is different scenes starting with lavender, cedar chips and much more. When using this balls, make sure you keep away from other in the house. Just as other chemical weapons, they are poisonous meaning they must not be left lying around.

Put the organizer in the closet

A closet is the best place you can store your hat, however, you need to be careful with the space in your closet to avoid clutter. Frankly hats take a big space in your storage, but when you know how to add a hat organizer and the best way to arrange your hat, you will be amazed with the amount of space your will use. Sometimes, tossing your hat on the wall looks well, us this might not be the best way to protect them from dust and moths. The best way is keeping them in your closet.

Use a cedar closet

Yes you can store your hat in any storage, but a cedar storage help to reduce moisture. If you are a hat fanatic, then you know how much you invested in your hat collection. So why risk your investment. Even if a wall hat organizer, or closet offer you the services your need, a cedar closet offer even the better option.

There you have it. Five way you can use to make sure your hat are well taken care of. Hat are most used during summer times. When you are not them, it means you need to store them somewhere safe. A hat organizer is the safest place you can store and take care of your hats.


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