Different Ways of Using a Wooden Step Stool in The House

A wooden stool has more than one use in the home, and it’s more than just a stool. A low step wooden stool is versatile, easy to use and doesn’t cost much. You can easily make one yourself instead of buying. Wooden step stools come in different shapes and sizes and designs as well. The best design is one that can be used for various purposes. Let’s take a look the different ways you can use a wooden step stool.

As a desk chair

This mostly happens if you have a kid. It might not be as comfortable but it’s an excellent chair especially for kids. It’s not recommended for a grown up to sit on a wooden step stool. The weight might be so much, and the seat will give in.

Reaching for things in the kitchen

Most of the modern kitchen has high cabinets installed to maximize the kitchen space. Remember there are a lot of appliances needed in the kitchen requiring a lot of space. This means the available space has to be salvaged to fit all the appliances and this is one reason why cabinetry is installed high in the kitchen. To reach for the things in those cabinets, a wooden step stool is of great assistance.

It also helps kids reach for things on the kitchen counter or sink.

As a plant stand

The step stool can be used inside or outside to hold two plants tiers. It is most ideal in the front porch where the plant tiers are placed in a way the compliments the design of the house.

A bedside table

A wooden step stool is not bulky and is easily portable. It can be used as a bedside table in the bedroom, and it can also serve the purpose of a step stool in the bedroom. Sometimes you might want to read a book but you don’t want to drop it when you finish reading, and you will be sleepy and lazy to reach for the drawer. The step stool will act as a table, and you can place the book on it when you are done.

Step up for children in the bathroom

The standard bathroom is not easy to use for the kids, and they require an adult to use the sink since its high. To reach the sink comfortably when brushing or hand washing, the wooden step stool will do the trick. The step stool can also double as a seat when painting your toenails in the bathroom.

Child’s desk or dining chair

The standard chairs used in the dining room can sometimes be high for the kids, but the stepping stool is the average size of a dining chair for kids. The wooden step stool can also serve as a desk for the kids in their bedrooms or the study room. They can use the bottom step as the seat and the top one as the desktop.

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