Different Uses of a Hot Towel Warmer

Just as the name suggests, a towel warmer is used to keep your towels warm. These are mostly used in the spa and salons to keep the towels warm. Most people have heard of a hot towel warmer but have never bothered to do some research and understand if it can be used at home. They are considered to be an unnecessary accessory by some people, but when you get to know more about them, your opinion tends to change.

You have first to understand what a hot towel warmer is and how it used before you decide if you need one or not. It’s an appliance used in a bathroom and can also be added to other spaces that are rich in moisture like a spa. The device serves by drying off damp towels keeping the environment clean and mildew free.

Picture in mind that you have two towels and you and your partner have used the towels and left them damp. If its cold, chances of the towel getting damp are high but if you have a towel warmer, you have an assurance the towels will be dry as fast as possible. Most people then ask, besides warming my towels or keeping them dry, what else can the hot towel warmer do?

  1. Drying your swimming suits

Drying a swimsuit can be daunting especially if the weather outside isn’t favorable. If you have a hot towel warmer, you can quickly dry the swimsuit. You can even dry the swimwear right by the poolside if you are using the warmer outdoors or if you have one installed by the poolside.

  1. Warming blankets

If you rely on your body to warm your sheets when you go to bed especially during the cold season can be an uphill task. It gets even harder if you have kids. If you have a towel warmer, you can hang your blankets on it, and it will pass the heat on the balnkets within minutes. For the kids, it gets interesting, and they even fall asleep faster and are more comfortable with the warm blankets.

  1. Warming the house

Freestanding towel warmers are the best for this task. The heat emitted by the hot towel warmer can keep your living room warm for hours. If your AC is not working correctly or it’s broken, the towel warmer is an excellent heat source for the house. Place the freestanding towel warmer in a strategic place to ensure even heat distribution.

  1. Warming your bathroom

Stepping inside a cold bathroom in a chilly morning can sometimes be dreadful. With a towel warmer fitted inside the bathroom, you can switch it on and close the door. The next minute you enter in the bathroom, you will be coming inside a warm space.

  1. Warming your clothes

There are times you want to step out in a warm sweater, but there isn’t enough heat in the house to warm it. You can use the towel warmer to warm the sweater as well as dry the wet clothes.


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