Difference Between A Porch Swing And A Porch Swing Bed

When looking at the options of what to use to decorate the front porch, most people find themselves thinking of either a porch swing or a porch swing bed. These two are good options, and before you decide on any of them, there are differences you have to note between the two. The choice might boil down to personal preferences, or it might be influenced by what you intend to use the specific swing for and how often you will be using it. You might be planning to use it on a regularly or once in a while, and this will have an impact on your decision. Let’s take a look at the differences between the porch swings and porch swing beds to help you make a well-versed decision.

A Closer Look at a Porch Swing

When you think of a porch swing, you think of classic style. The porch swings are designed with a smaller space in mind. They may look great on a wide porch but they can also accommodate small areas. This makes the porch swings a seamless solution for areas with less space.

Usually, porch swings are intended to fit two or three people depending on the specific size of the porch. This makes the swing porch perfect for hanging out with kids, your friends or enjoying a conversation or even reading a book while you relax through the afternoon. With a porch swing, you are looking for relaxation and atmosphere outside of your house.

Porch swings are a cost-effective selection too. This depends on the porch material that you choose. The materials include cedar, teak, cypress, or poly depending on your budget and also your preferences. Porch swings are not typically designed with cushions, but they can be added to the swing.

A better Look at A Porch Swing Bed

When you think of a porch swing bed, think of Luxury. Swing beds typically require a little bit more space on the porch, unlike the porch swings. This is because they are bigger than the typical porch swing. Apart from the size, it’s the intended purpose of the swing bed that accounts for its purchase.

A porch swing bed is designed with social features and comfort in mind. Most are also designed to fit a fixed size twin mattress meaning you can share the space with your friends or you can lay out as if it were a real bed.

The porch swing bed doesn’t have an equivalent level of swing as the typical porch swing has. They are designed to provide a gentle sway that is exceptionally relaxing if you are trying to lay down for a nap on a warm day.

The versatility of porch swing beds is another great thing. There are different styles of swing beds and they are customizable to fit your style. They can also be cozied with varying extras like bolster pillows, cushions, blankets, throw pillows, etc. Porch swing beds are more expensive than the typical porch swings and that something to consider.


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