Common Kitchen Appliances For Your New Home

What do you need to get for your kitchen? Here are some of the common kitchen appliances that you might need to purchase.

Cooking Appliances:

Cooktop. There are two options here; either the free-standing range or a separate cooktop and wall oven. For those who want to cook dishes that start on the burner but finished on the oven, the free standing range would be the better option.

In terms of economy, freestanding are easy to install. This will however depend on the layout of your kitchen and how you have arranged the items in the kitchen. For those using an open kitchen, there is a small space and a separate wall oven would not fit well. Concerning the fuel source, you might consider using electricity, gas or those that can have dual-fuel usage.

Ventilation. When getting a ventilation system, look for the fan’s capability to move air and the ducting.

Speedcooking ovens. This is a hybrid convection and microwave oven. They are useful for those with busy people in the kitchen.

Wall ovens. The amount of baking, roasting or boiling would affect the features that you look for in a wall oven. Double ovens can be used for guys with a large kitchen or who entertain often. Convection is another option to look out for when checking out the wall ovens. With convection, you can cook multiple items at the same time.


The most important aspect to consider would be the styling. Let the finish look like the rest of the appliances in your kitchen. In addition, check for one that has a variety of options and cycles that can go hand in hand with your cleaning habits. Check the noise being made by the dishwasher as it does the work. You don’t want to have so much noise in your kitchen while doing the cleaning.

Lastly, the energy consumption would be another factor to consider. For eco-conscious consumers, they would opt for a model that is Energy Star-qualified. This will help on energy efficiency as well as reducing environmental impact.


Refrigerators. There are three types of refrigeration installations that you can choose. There are the freestanding, built in and the fully integrated ones.

Ice makers. Most families nowadays are option for wine made at home. When choosing ice makers, look out for the type of ice it produces as well the ice production is exactly what you need for your family.

Under Counter Refrigeration supplements. There are the under counter refrigeration that have different supplements including beverage centers and the refrigeration drawers.

We have tried and summarized the common kitchen appliances that you need for your new kitchen.

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