Benefits of Using a Pop Up Beach Tent

Pop up beach tents are becoming more and more popular today. If you have been to the beach recently, you will notice the small tents dotting in the sand, and you will see more of them with each beach season. Before you know why you should use one, ask yourself why do I need a pop up beach tent?

That’s an excellent question, and you better find the answer before parting with the dollars to buy a pop up beach tent. Some people think a beach tent is too much when they see others using it. These people don’t want to deal with carrying the tent or setting it up at the beach. The importance of the tent comes when the wind uproots your umbrella, and it’s blown away. You scramble to get it, and you are frustrated not to think of the embarrassment of chasing it down at the beach.

When you finally catch the umbrella, you dig a deeper hole to keep it from being blown away again. You also put all your belonging around the pole to try and keep it balanced and upright but it’s too much. When you look just a few meters away, you see this family in a pop up beach tent and see how relaxed they are, and you wish you got one.

Advantages of A Pop Up Beach Tent

Always in the shade

The pop up tent always provides you with shade for your family, pets and all the other belongings. For the people who carry drinks in their coolers, they understand how important the shadow is. If you have children, they can only take up so much sun then they come looking for some shade, and this also happens to the pets. The pop up each tent is perfect for keeping you and your family out of the heat and away from the scorching sun.

Get out of the wind

A windy day on the beach can quickly ruin your fun. Everything starts getting blown away including the umbrella and sand is blown in your face, your novel or your food. Things quickly turn from fun to frustrating. The beach tent is a great wind shelter. Most people, however, wonder if the tent won’t be blown away as well. If you put your belongings around the inside of the tent, its stable enough and other tents come with stakes and tie downs. If you combine these two methods, the tent is stable enough to stand the wind.


Changing into your swimsuit is always a problem at the beach. It becomes worse if the beach is crowded or you have impatient kids who don’t want to get in the water. The beach tent gives you privacy such that your family can towel off and change their clothes without worry.

Easy setup and transport

Pop up beach tents are easy to transport and set up. Most of them have a carrying case, and the tent folds up to a compact and lightweight load since they are not made of heavy materials. The set-up of the shelter is easy since they just “pop” right up.

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