A Guide for Painting Plastic Shelving Units

From your kitchen, to bathroom, to bedroom or even your living room and outdoor space, do you find your place cluttered with thing you can find a place to store them? Most people find hand to find best storage for thing they want to keep away and those they want to use, but other goes for shelving option than makes thing easier for them. There are a variety of shelving option out there, such as wood, metal and even plastic. But what makes the different between the shelving options you use is the way you maintain them. Let’s focus on plastic shelving units.

What is plastic shelving?

Plastic shelving is a type of shelving option made using plastic material. This shelving option offers you the much needed space where you can store your ting and organize your living space, bathroom, kitchen and even bedroom. Purchasing the plastic shelving units means you need to know some maintenance ideas beforehand. Some of the maintenance ideas you need to know is how to paint them. Painting your shelves make then look new and long lasting. Here is how you can paint your plastic shelving unit:

Use the special formulated paint for plastic

The reason for purchasing plastic shelving units is the fact that they are flexible than wood options. However when it comes to painting, to only need to use a specific formulated paint mead for plastics. You don’t want to paint cracking or the application not looking good when you shelf in flexed. Semi- gloss paint will work wonders.

Repair your shelve before painting

If you are painting an already used shelving unit, check for any damaged sections that need to be repaired before applying the paint. Some thing you can do if you plastic shelving has a crack is cutting a plywood that fits across the crack before turning it upside down and fixing it. The wood will reinforce the plastic at the same time fix the crack.

Repaired any bowed side

After use, some plastic shelving might become a bit bowed on the sides. Adding a piece of wood on the bowed section will help straighten and strengthen it, making it look more appealing and as anew as it was when bought. Attach the wood using gorilla glue or another suitable options. Also make sure the wood is on the inside of your shelves and not the outside.

Glue the legs to the shelve

If you shelving legs fall out, you can glue them together   when you can nail or screw them. However when considering this option, you need to determine if you want to permanently glue shelve together, if not, you might consider screwing it.

Spray the paint

After all the procedure is finished it time to spray the plastic formulated paint. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area or outdoor if possible.  Wash the shelves and let them dry before applying the paint and leaving them to dry.

Another better option of getting plastics shelving units is purchasing new ones, with the color of your choose instead of painting the existing one. However, if getting a new one is not an option, the above tips will guide you on how to succeed in painting the existing one.

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