8 Ways to Use a Step Stool Chair around Your Home

Are you planning to buy a step stool chair soon? Using a step stool at home is not something uncommon nowadays. But do you really know how the use a step stool in your home?  Do you feel the need of dragging your step stool from one place to another or do you think a step stool can only be used for one chore in the house? There are many questions that need to be answered about a step stool, how to sue them. In this article, let’s focus on what a step stool can be used for in a home.

A step stool as a desk

Perhaps you are wondering how you can use a step stool as a desk chair. If you are working for short hours or even minutes, a step stool chair can make a better substitute for a working desk that can’t be moved around. Although not as comfortable as we might imagine, but it offers you a place to work on when you don’t want to move your chair around.

To reach things in the kitchen area

Reaching the kitchen sink, or countertops might be harder for kids, but with the help of a step stool chair, they can easily reach the kitchen surface and provide the much-needed help with small chores.

As a plant stand

Are you looking for somewhere you can place your plants, but you don’t seem to find. You don’t have to go buy a new plant stand when you have a step stool share that you are not using. You can improvise step stools and use them as plant stands.

Place them in an entryway

Placing a step stool chair in your home entryway offers you a place to put on your boots when you come in or a place to sit that does not take up much space than when using a bench.

A step up in the bathroom

Kids, even those going to school, often need somewhere to step to reach the sink for hand washing and teeth brushing. Because a step stool offers the height and support, they also act as a seat you can use to paint your toenails.

As a dining chair

There are step stools that are slightly taller than others. These stools can be used as dining chairs for kids around the house. The kids can sit on the upper step and use the lower step as a footrest.

Child’s desk

A child can sit on the lower step of the step stool and use the upper step as a desktop. The stool makes a dual-purpose furniture, best for kids at home.

Bedside table

We all need a bedside table to place things like table lamps, alarm clocks, and other things. However, you don’t need to buy a new one when you have a step stool in your home. A step stool chair can double as a movable step stool and at the same time act as a storage in your bedroom.

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