4 Benefits of Using a Step Stool with Handrail

A step stool chair is a ladder-type step stool that used for self-supporting. The ladder is foldable, portable, but it is non-adjustable in length. The step chair has flat steps and has no pail shelf. The ladder-type step stools are designed to allow us to reach for things that are out of our reach. The step stool with handrail is used by one person at a time. So, what are the advantages of using a step stool with handrail? Here are four benefits that you should take into consideration.

Better stability and safety

There are a variety of step stool ladders with handrail available online. Stability and safety are the most important benefit of using the step stool. In addition to grip, the handrails on each side on the steps increases stability when climbing. It prevents falling, and the rails also act as guides at the same time help you avoid an accident as you work your way up the step stool. The handrails can also be used to support the arms while reaching for something or performing delicate tasks.

A more vertical range

A step stool with handrails provides a more vertical range than other step stools. You get easily on the ladder to reach higher surfaces. The step stool is used in various places around your home, including the kitchen, garage, store and other places even in the bedroom. The step stool can also be used for a variety of purposes from welding and sanding your car to apply finishes and painting your home.

Easy storage

Anyone who owns a home with a storage and a garage knows what hassle that comes with being able to reach for things on higher surfaces. Using a step stool, it makes storage easy. Also, storing the step stool after use is not as difficult as other traditional options like rolling staircase or A-frame ladders which happens to be large and cumbersome. The step stool with handrail can be stored anywhere in the garage or in any room including kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. It can be rolled easily into one corner, and some can be folded and placed or hanged on the wall and stored in a closet.


Some model of step stool with handrails are mobile than others. There are a number a step stool that comes with wheels under the base which makes it easy to roll around and through the house with very little effort. A single step stool is for fast and small tasks without the need of removing and setting up the steps. The added mobility that comes with these stools/ladder offers added flexibility and at the same time increasing efficiency.


In most homes, if not all, you need to have a step stool with handrails. A step stool with handrail offers several benefits when compared to other step stools. The benefits are more than we can ever imagine. They can be used by everyone, including the old and young alike. So consider them as a great addition to your home.

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