3 Types of Tie Hangers

If you are in formal employment or you like wearing ties, then you must know that a tie is classified among the most delicate piece of cloth that you can own. With this in mind, how do you store your ties? Do you love placing them in drawers or rolling them up?  Do you hang them on an electric tie rack or throwing them anywhere in the closet. There are different ways you can hang store your ties. One of them is using a tie hanger. Tie hangers offer you the best way to keep away your ties and even a better way to display them. Here is some types of tie hangers you might consider purchasing soon.

Cedar tie racks

Are you tired of stashing your ties away in a drawer? A cedar tie rack might be the solution you are looking for. These aromatic tie racks help you organize and protect your ties from factors that interfere with the quality of your ties like moths and molds. With cedar tie racks, you can care for your ties. Mount them on the wall or hang them in your closet.

Wall mounted tie racks

A tie allows you to enhance two iconic parts of your designs. Style and features. However, to make these parts stand out, you need to know how to store your ties. One way is using a wall mounted tie rack. Just as tie hangers, these racks make sure you will never throw your ties anywhere and make sure your tires are well maintained. When it comes to a wall mounted tie hanger or rack, or you need to do is grab a nail and hammer.

Electric tie hanger

Contrary too many believe, a well-maintained tie should not only be kept in a drawer, but hang using tie hanger or tie racks. For those with many ties, an electric tie hanger or rack offers the best option. The rack is compact and easy to install. Whether you put it away in the closet or mount it on the wall, there are a variety of electric tie racks to choose from in the stores.

Other uses of tie hanger

Tie hanger offers you more option than just hanging your ties. They can be used as belt hangers, jewelry hangers, scarf hanger, or even purse hangers. There are multiple options you can use tie hanger. These hangers get your wardrobe in shape. The change of misplacing your ties, scarf, jewelry or belts is impossible with the help of a tie hanger. Also with a tie hanger, you won’t need to iron your tie every now and them.

With a tie hanger, you don’t need to unfold and refold your ties. They are the fastest and most efficient way of storing your ties.  Depending on your needs, these hangers come in different types, sizes and designs that fit well in your closet. You can also easily judge the length and the size of your tie by just looking at them hanging.

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