3 Types of Cleaning Gloves

How often do you clean your home? Do you use protective gloves when doing so? Cleaning homes IS something we can’t avoid, at one point we have to clean our homes. The work can be daunting, but using the right tool makes the work easier. While cleaning homes, the dust and dirt being cleaned when exposed to our hands directly affect us in one way or another. The chemical, dust and all the cleaning agents give us a reason to wear protective gloves to protect the hazardous chemicals we use for cleaning and form bacteria. For this purpose, let take a look at some types of cleaning gloves you can use while cleaning your home.

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are made using latex polyethylene or Nitrile that make them suitable and stretchable to easily fit and to protect any hand-size, large or small. They come in thick or thin depending on the acidity or toxicity of the cleaning products. They are easy to find in local shops. In other words, these gloves are practically used in medicine and are perfect for hand protection.

They are used for quick cleanings like general cleaning and cleaning of toilets and small items and also scrubbing of small crevices. There are many types of disposable gloves that you can purchase. Some of them include:

  • Nitrile: these gloves are for handling chemicals, and puncture-resistance.
  • Neoprene: offer great protection against harsh substances like chemicals and acids.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is made using latex free materials and comes in both thin and thick sizes.
  • Poly: the Ploy is a synthetic rubber material that offers greater comfort and tactile. The gloves are latex free to reduce allergic reactions, which also means they are not ideal for hazardous materials work.

All-purpose cleaning cloves

All-purpose cleaning gloves are made from thicker latex or rubber. These types of gloves are longer than other gloves as they reach the elbows, which make them the best hand protecting gloves available.  All-purpose cleaning gloves are textured at the fingers and palms so as to add to their grip. They are used in cleaning items in buckets or tubs, washing dishes, general cleaning or while using abrasive chemicals like the oven cleaners. Their prices vary due to the quality of material used to manufacture them or even the brand.

Coated fabric gloves

These are stretchable gloves that are ideal for cleaning projects which entail precise moves. They protect hands when cleaning with moderate concentrated substances or chemicals. They are used in hospitals to test out, laboratories and in sterile environments.

There are different type’s gloves used for house cleaning purposes, but not all of them are suitable for cleaning purposes. Some cause an allergic reaction while others are not for certain kinds of chores. Knowing the best gloves for the kind of work you want to do is the perfect thing to do. The use of gloves not only protect our hands, but it makes cleaning a lot easier since you won’t be scared of using different chemicals while cleaning. Knowing the size and what you need is the best option.

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