Best tow behind spreader for your lawn

Every homeowner will need a spreader to help with spreading fertilizers on their lawns. The fertilizer need to be spread evenly to boost the growth, root strength and the color. May it be late summers or early fall, providing your lawn with the required nutrients is essential. In order to achieve the best results, you will need to have the best tow behind spreader to help you.

Anyone with a larger lot, should consider getting a tow behind spreader. This garden tool can live for years and still provide the best of services. Applying fertilizer during the summer is the best way to boost your lawn while during the fall, the fertilizer will provide your lawn with extra strength to help it through the winter.

For the purpose of this review for the best tow behind spreader, we tested several tow behind spreaders and Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader came out on top.

Best tow behind spreader for your lawn

Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Reasons for choosing the Agri-Fab model as the best tow behind spreader: 

  • Large capacity of 130 pounds that will help in saving time that would be spent refiling when working on large lawns. You will be able to cover ½ acres or approximately 25,000 square feet without refilling- this would depend on the speed of application and the material used.
  • Has an enclosed gear box fitted with tapered gears for even spreading and prolonging their life. The gear is aluminium beveled to help with durability. This makes it to last for an extended period of time.
  • The poly hopper is rustproof while the spreader plate increases the product’s life.
  • Its fast and easy to assemble the unit. Anyone who wants to use the spreader will have it easy as the assemblage will take minutes. There is no wastage of time in what would be advanced assemblage.
  • One can get a hopper cover, hopper grate and material deflector should you need them.


The above points explain why we chose the Agri-Fab Broadcast spreader as the best tow behind spreader for your lawn.

Additional Features:

  • The large pneumatic tires, with large diameters, have a wide wheelbase to help with stability when passing through rougher terrains. If your lawn is not even, then this is your perfect tow behind spreader.
  • Comes with a durable long lasting rod linked on-off control with precise settings. The on and off control is accessible from the tractor seat for convenience.
  • As mentioned earlier, you should consider getting the optional add ons that come with this tow behind spreader.
  • Hopper cover- the cover helps keep moisture, bumpy conditions and wind from spilling or ruining materiel being spread.
  • Grate- the grate kit helps in facilitating material flow and performance.
  • Deflector shield- the shield control the material from getting on, harming flower beds, shrubs and other areas.

What you need to know about spreaders

A broadcast spreader, also known as rotary spreader, is mostly used to spread seeds, fertilizer, weed killer, sand, lime and ice melt. Depending on the type of material being spread, the speed will be variant. Remember you have to balance to make sure you don’t pour too much or too little. By adjusting the spread rate, a good fertilizer should be able to apply the right and needed amount of product. They spread the material in a fan-like pattern and can be used in hard to reach areas.

The broadcast spreaders could either be hand-held, pull behind or the push type broadcast spreaders. However, the lighter the spreader, the more they would be affected by wind. This will require the user to improvise some skills to maintain the uniform spread.

Apart from using a broadcast spreader, you might consider a drop spreader. While broadcast spreaders are ideal for a larger lawn, the drop spreaders can only be used on a small lawns where you need to control the spread pattern. In addition, drop spreaders are suitable for precise paths. Drop spreaders are easy to use and control. They are fitted with a wide wheel base that is helpful in navigating rough terrains and tight spots. Another good thing about the drop spreaders is that their performance is not affected by the wind. However, they cover less ground per lap when compared to a broadcast spreader.

The third type of spreader is the hand-held spreaders. These are ideal for the smallest lawns. While holding them by your hand, the user walks at a average pace, while turning the crank to dispense the material. On the downside, they have a very small capacity that will require a lot of refills. This is the main reason why they are recommended for a small lawn.

Best tow behind spreader buying guide

If you’re looking to buy the best tow behind spreader, you need to consider the following factors before purchasing one.

Easy to clean body and the frame

You will find most of the tow behind spreaders have simple components and are easy to clean. However, you will find others that have more components and will be harder to clean. As more dirt and dust particles build up, they may not work properly. To better take care of your spreader, check the area below the hopper where the materials will be dispensing from, and ensure that there is nothing in the way as the disbursement progress.

Tow behind spreader capacity

When buying your preferred, you need to take into consideration the size of your lawn. For a person with a relatively small lawn or garden, they would need small capacity spreader. A large capacity spreader could be ideal for a large garden. This way, you can cover a large area without having to refill the spreader.

Spreader materials

When one is stretched on a tight budget, they might be tempted in getting a spreader that’s made of plastic parts. Cheaper options could be made of plastic components. On the downside, the plastic spreaders will not be durable. The best option for enhanced durability is getting spreaders made of stainless steel. These models are great at withstanding the harsh terrain section of your lawn. Another factor that you could consider is getting powdered coating in your quest for the best tow behind spreader.

The price and the lifespan

The type of spreader that you will get will depend on the budget that you are willing to spend. The main question becomes, how much are you willing to spend on a spreader? It’s therefore crucial to note that having a small budget, you might get a smaller pull to choose from. Cheaper products may not last long and have a short life span.

Rain covers

Since the tow behind spreader will be pulled by either a tractor, as it gets pulled along the materials being spread might spill over as you go around your lawn. This way, you will get a lot of spills and unnecessary waste. In addition, a sudden rain storm or strong winds might cause the spill as well. Therefore, when getting a tow behind spreader, its good to get one with an attached rain cover. The rain cover will shield the elements in the spreader from getting blown away or spilling to unwanted places.

Advantages of tow behind broadcast spreader

  • The tow behind spreaders can be used by anyone. Both the young and the older folks.
  • As you might have noticed, applying fertilizer manually across the lawn by scattering, results in uneven distribution, patchy looking grass and even fertilizer burn. By using the spreader, these cases are eliminated.
  • Increasing the accuracy. They offer efficiency and increase the accuracy that could not be achieved if you are not using the spreader.
  • A tow behind spreader makes the work easier putting less strain on your body.
  • Just like other tools, a tow behind broadcast spreader will save you time. In addition, you will enjoy using the machine since they are easy to use, effective and gives the best results for your garden or lawn.
  • They can be pulled behind a mower meaning you can handle two tasks at the same time
  • Lastly, the tow behind spreader gives you the freedom to choose the amount of seeds or fertilizer spread through the lawn.

What’s the difference between broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders?

Broadcast spreaders will spread the materials to the front and sides. They are best for large lawns that you need help spreading the materials quickly. Broadcast spreaders are usually pushed and can be used to apply seeds, fertilizers and food to the lawn.

On the other hand, drop spreaders spread material to a large area fast. The drop spreader has a bottom compartment that allow the users to have more control on where the elements go as they spread the materials on the lawn. One of the main advantages of using the drop spreaders is that they are more precise. This means that you need not to worry about where the material falls.


Taking care of your spreader

  • Observe the manufacturer’s guidance when using any of the above tools. Fill the spreader on a location where you can easily clean up any spillage.
  • Clean the spreader after every use.
  • This way, your spreader will last for an extended period of time.

We would like to know what you think about our choice for the best tow behind sprayer in the comments section.

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