The best propane fire pit table for your home

Fire pits have become very common around the world. Families are setting them up where they can tell stories or chill to pass time. However, most are considering the fire pit table. So, which is the best propane fire pit table? The good thing with the fire pit table is that they come with adequate space to place your drink or plate of food.

My pick for the best propane fire pit table would be AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit, Antique Bronze Finish

The best propane fire pit table for your home

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit, Antique Bronze Finish

Why choose the AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC propane pit as the best propane fire pit table?

You don’t have to worry about the packaging, they have improved the packaging to ensure safe and complete delivery.

Uses butane and propane gas

Has an integrated Piezo ignition which is battery operated

Has heat output of 40,000 BTU’s meaning that it can heat around 15’ radius

The fire pit includes beautiful glass beads.

The tabletop is 38’’ square and is 28’’ tall

Comes in bronze color.

Factors to consider when buying cover for propane fire pit tables

It would be advisable to get a propane fire pit cover. What do you consider when getting a fire pit cover?


Choose a fire pit cover that is easy to use and you can easily place and remove them.  Some pit covers are made of glass.

Material and fabric

The cover should be made of a weather-resistant material like the likes of vinyl, plastic or outdoor fabric and durable. Should have vents to prevent moisture condensation. When choosing the fabric, consider the weather condition in your area. You might need to prevent the fire pit from insects, wind, hail, snow, rain, ice among other weather conditions.

Type of cover

Consider an adjustable cover that will fit the type of fire pit that you have. It’s better to use a cover that is about 6’’ larger as long as it can be adjusted easily using the elastic loops, toggle-equipped hem cords or click-closed straps. The reason for having these features is to allow the cover to be in place in unfavourable weather conditions such as stormy or windy.

How to protect your fire pit

Even though most fire pits are built with brass or stainless steel, there is no doubt about their lifetime. However, the fire pit should be well protected and taken care of. Most of these fire pits are well designed to last long and tolerate harsh climatic conditions. For instance you will find a fire pit with a raised central hub of the penta burner that keeps the gas raised above the burner’s tubes. This makes sure that water does not get into the valve.

Cover your pit when not in use

The cover pits we have already seen their importance to the fire pit. Cover pits ensure that the fire pit is ready for use when needed.

Proper drainage

Ensure your fire pit is well engineered to allow proper drainage should some get in.

Types of fire pits.

I thought it would be nice to mention the common types of fire pits that we have:

Wood burning fire pits

Most similar with a basic campfire but at your own backyard. However, they produce a lot of smoke and crackling sound as the wood burns. These pits come in three different types:

Outdoor fireplace designed similarly with an indoor fireplace.

Wood burning grill has a grill gate and is used to cook and grill

And lastly we have the brick or stone fire pit. Wood burning fire pits are easy to set up but need a bit of maintenance. You will need to look for firewood and carry them either using a garden cart or any other means, chop it and store in a dry environment.

Natural Gas fire pits

This is a permanent installation mostly done at the backyard. The best thing about these pits is that they never run out of fuel. You might want to consider square, round or table top design or the sunken one.

Gel fuel fire pits

They don’t produce scent or smoke and can be moved in your backyard. The most common types of these pits include:

Gel fuelled logs and table top fireplace.

Propane fire pits

These are the most convenient type of fire pits. They are also my favourite.  There is no need for wood or gel. When fixed, they become the central point of the patio. They are well designed with glass, faux wood or rock pebbles. Here are the different types under this category:

Fire pit table that has table-like appearance.

It’s well designed to prevent children from getting too close to the flames.

Copper bowl fire pit

If you are looking for a fancy design, this is the go to type. Its durable and relatively expensive.

Portable propane fire pit

This one has cooking capabilities, can be moved around and provides warmth. They are either so light to carry or have wheels.

Let us know what you think regarding our choice for the best propane fire pit table for your home in the comments section.

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