Best post hole digger for your lawn

Are you tired of digging your post holes manually? Well its time you ditched the traditional way of making holes and use a post hole digger. A post hole digger can be used to dig narrow holes to install posts for fences, solar panel posts, signs among other uses. With that said, one will need the best post hole digger to simplify the exhausting and difficult task of digging holes.

Apart from using the pole hole diggers to make single post holes, they can as well be used to create large sized holes. Some post hole diggers will scoop out a hole while others will bore out a hole.

Types of post hole diggers

The post hole diggers follow under the following categories:

  1. Electric post hole digger- relatively smaller than the gas powered post hole digger and do not produce the smelly gas fumes. On the downside, they need a power source to continue making holes. This means that if you’re working far from a power source, it could prove hard to use them.
  2. Gas powered post hole digger- Ideal for larger holes or in the rocky soils. With the different blade sizes available, one is able to make holes of the desired width. However, they produce smelly gas fumes.
  3. Manual post hole digger- This particular post hole digger will require the user to use some strength and are suitable for medium level hole digging.

We have compiled the best post hole digger from each category discussed above.


Best electric post hole digger

XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger w/ 4″ Auger Bits

This electric post hole digger comes with a 4” in diameter Bit that is 30 inch long.

Operates on 1200W, 1.6HP, 10.9 AMP and RPM 200.

Its easy to start, and lightweight. Can be handled by one person and can be used to install fence posts, plant trees and shrubs, install decks, ice fishing among other uses. Different auger bits can be ordered to help with drilling through the toughest soil conditions.

Measures 32.9 by 16 by 14.4 inches and Weighs 28.5 pounds.



Best gas powered post hole digger

Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger with 43cc, 2 Cycle, Full Crankshaft Engine

If you are looking for a gas post hole digger, here’s our recommendation

The Southland SEA One Man Auger has a manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system with on and off switch function.

The throttle is conveniently located on the handles for ease of use.

Assemblage required is simple. For efficient and quick drilling, the auger features a 43cc 2-cycle engine that has a bit speed of up to 316 RPM.

The auger provides 1.3 feet.-lb. of torque.

Has wide detachable butterfly handles that help with improved balancing and convenient storage.

Has a direct gear with solid steel drive shaft

The post hole digger is powerful and easy to use.

Includes a gas powerhead with 8” auger bit. You can find the 6-inch bit that is sold separately. The auger head can be purchased separately.

The auger is fitted with a translucent fuel tank where you can track the level of the fuels.

The unit comes with two open end wrenches, small bottle of premix oil and a spark plug tool.

Heavy duty construction for extended lifespan. The maximum depth that can be done using the 8 inch bit is 2.5 feet, but this will depend on the soil conditions.

Measures 33.3 b 18.1 by 12.8 inches and Weighs 40 pounds.

Important to note- When using the gas post hole digger, you must keep track of your fuel level. You don’t want to run out of fuel while still working on your holes.


Best manual post hole digger

Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger PD48

Suitable for that frequent professional heavy duty tasks. For enhanced strength, the handle is boosted with a fiberglass core.

Has a cushioned grip for enhanced hand grip while using the post hole digger.

Has a 6-1/4-inch point spread.


Parts of a post hole digger:

A post hole digger has the following parts:-

  • Blade
  • Bolt
  • Handle
  • Hand Grip
  • Pivot Point


Advantages of using a post hole digger:

They can make the desired size of the hole. Using other tools like the spade will result in bigger holes because of their shape.

It’s easier to use the post hole diggers as compared to using other tools. In addition, the user won’t have to bend over to dig every now and then.

A post pole digger can make a cylindrical and deep hole with even sides.

With the post holes designed with long handles, the user can make deep holes which would be impossible to reach with the bare hands.


There are three options that you can choose from when you need the best post hole digger- manual, gas and electric. I am a big fan of the gas powered post hole digger for some reason. We would like to know what you think about the best post hole digger in the comments section.

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