Best portable electric stove for your patio

Bring out an inviting atmosphere to your home by getting an electric fireplace stove. You will never worry about the ashes mess or the chimney fires. Should you need a portable fireplace stove, get the portable electric stove. An electric fireplace will consume less energy as compared to the gas counterparts. We decided to try out different electric stoves for the purpose of this best portable electric stove review.

If you’re looking for the best portable electric stove for your patio, try the e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable Electric Fireplace Stove (Matte Black).

Best portable electric stove for your patio

e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable Electric Fireplace Stove (Matte Black)


Reasons for choosing the e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable electric fireplace as the best portable electric stove:

Features a heater and fan settings with easy to adjust settings to help with heat distributions. This lowers the furnace use and thereby lowering the heating costs.

Comes with an automatic shut-off as a safety protection. The unit stays cool to touch even after many hours of operation and produces no smoke and odor its safe for all people around including the kids, pets and elderly. The automatic shut-off comes in handy when moved, knocked over to prevent overheating.

Has visually realistic and burning logs and fire

The electric fireplace measures 22’ by 15’ by 10’ and its 22-inch tall

It uses two 40 watt bulbs that can easily be replaced. The 6-ft cord allows you to place the fireplace stove at your place of choice.

The stove can provide heat to a radius of 400 square feet. The top arched panes stress the well built glass-faced faux door.

The fireplace stove is easy to assemble and will provide warmth in a few minutes.

For anyone looking for cheap alternatives, the stove heats up quickly thanks to the two heat setting options. The unit can use over 90% less energy as compared to gas. By setting the desired temperature and turning on the no-heat option, you can experience the visual enjoyment.

This is one of the great looking fireplace stoves in the market. They can be dressed to bring out your personal style. In addition, they come with an extra space where you can showcase your candles, photos and any other home accent piece.

The fireplace stove has the magnificent and fancy-like design brings out realistic dancing flames and burning log visuals.

The fact that the unit is lightweight means that it can be easily transported from room to room for convenience. However, you might be restricted by the 6-ft cord.

Can be used on all flooring types and is the best heating solution for your garage, guest room, basement, bathroom or your home office.

What I like most about this stove is that you can turn on the flame with or without heat. Its relatively quiet and if you are relaxing, you can sleep comfortably.


Benefits of using an electric fireplace

Low maintenance. The maintenance costs of an electric fireplace is low as compared to a real fireplace that would need wood. Burning wood would produce fumes and smoke and soot up in the chimney. The chimney would need regular cleaning to help the smoke get out of your home. In contrast, an electric fireplace will produce no smoke and therefore, no cleaning would be required.

Easy installation. Electric fireplaces are ‘plug and play’.

Safe. Common fireplaces can get hot and not safe foe children plus the fumes produced could be toxic. For the electric fireplace, there is no need to worry about toxic fumes. Also, most of the electric fireplaces are cool to touch even after functioning for hours. The automatic shut-off options means you will not worry when you get away from the stove for sometime.

Longevity. They have the capability to survive and live long. They are not prone to corrosion or rust. Even after years of using them, they will still look and function like new ones.

No fumes. They produce realistic fire flames meaning that you will get the feel of real fire with no worry or concerns about inhaling toxic fumes.

Energy efficient. Since the electric fireplace does not consume much energy as compared to other home heating systems, you can achieve the desired temperature without consuming too much electricity. This will at the end save you some energy bills.

Low cost. Despite the high initial cost that might cost thousands of dollars, the running costs of an electric fireplace is relatively low.

Plenty of designs. There are lots of design choices to choose from. Those with extra storage spaces or the modern styles-  they are all available to choose from.

They can be used indoors in any room at any time of the year.

Having seen the amazing features of this electric fireplace, there is no doubt for it being our choice for the best portable electric stove. Let us know what you think about the unit in the comments section below.

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